Splatoon 3: All Drizzle Season Catalog Rewards

Time to get the Splatoon 3 catalog rewards for this season!

by Gordon Bicker


Splatoon 3 is an experience that has a vast amount of content to thoroughly enjoy and with changing seasons there will always be something fresh on the table for players. Not only that but there are also a ton of things for your character to collect such as Fish Scales so you’ll have various resources tallying up in quantity very quickly. Drizzle Season is in full swing and this guide article will take you through all of the Splatoon 3 Drizzle Season catalog rewards.

All Drizzle Season Catalog Rewards for Splatoon 3

There are one hundred rewards within the season catalog for you to collect and to get each of them will require to be a certain level, so it will take a lot of time in order to reach some of the later stages. Of course, there is even a dab emote for you to unlock at level 98, so many will be thinking that it is more than worth their time. All of the catalog rewards have been listed in the table below for you to read through.

Level Required Reward to be Earned
1 Banner
2 Title
3 Emote
4 Food Ticket
5 Studio Headphones
6 White Tee
7 Pink Trainers
8 Pack of Cards
9 Sticker
10 Decoration (Yellow Squid-like appearance)
11 Food Ticket
12 Pack of Cards
13 Banner
14 Sticker
15 Emote
16 Drink Ticket
17 Pack of Cards
18 Title
19 Air Gills DX
20 Tentatek Tandem
21 Punk Pinks
22 Sticker
23 Pack of Cards
24 Food Ticket
25 Mystery Box
26 Banner
27 Decoration (Key-Chain appearance)
28 Sticker
29 Pilot Goggles
30 Zink Layered LS
31 Purple Hi-Horses
32 Drink Ticket
33 Title
34 Pack of Cards
35 Emote
36 Sticker
37 Banner
38 Title
39 Retro BluFocals
40 Lime BlobMob Tee
41 Skipjack Work Boots
42 Food Ticket
43 Pack of Cards
44 Banner
45 Decoration (Figurine-like appearance)
46 Sticker
47 Title
48 Drink Ticket
49 Fresh Card Pack
50 Mystery Box
51 Emote
52 Sticker
53 Pack of Cards
54 Title
55 Sticker
56 Food Ticket
57 Title
58 Pack of Cards
59 Beachcomber
60 Sudadera Celeste
61 Cuttlefish Sandles
62 Decoration (Figurine-like appearance)
63 Drink Ticket
64 Banner
65 Pack of Cards
66 Sticker
67 Title
68 Pack of Cards
69 Classic Straw Boater
70 Annaki Bracelet Tee
71 Red Hammertreads
72 Food Ticket
73 Title
74 Decoration (Crab-like appearance)
75 Mystery Box
76 Emote
77 Pack of Cards
78 Banner
79 Retro Framers
80 Lime Battlecrab Shell
81 Blue Shrimpsiders
82 Sticker
83 Drink Ticket
84 Pack of Cards
85 Title
86 Sticker
87 Pack of Cards
88 Food Ticket
89 Glassless Glasses
90 Distressed Vest
91 Ink-Black Clam Dunks
92 Decoration (Key-Chain appearance)
93 Title
94 Sticker
95 Drink Ticket
96 Title
97 Banner
98 Emote (Dab emote)
99 Mystery Box
100 Triple-Deck Specs

As can be observed, you have a lot to work through with the Drizzle Season Catalog so be sure to get started and begin leveling up quickly in the experience. Time to earn a whole lot of rewards!

Splatoon 3 is available at this very moment and is playable for Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on September 12th, 2022

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