Starfield Spacesuit Vendor: Where to Buy Spacesuits and Helmets

Learn where you can get your protection against the harsh elements and the vacuum of space!

by J.R. Waugh
Spacesuit Vendors to Buy Spacesuits and Helmets in Starfield
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Suiting up in Starfield is incredibly satisfying when you find just the right fit. You might prefer the classic bulky attire one imagines when thinking of a spacesuit, or perhaps you’re thinking of something more tactical for combat. Either way, whatever your poison, you can find a diverse array of designs outside of gambling on loot. You can find great spacesuits and helmets from a designated spacesuit vendor or even general goods stores throughout Starfield, and we’ll show you where to look!

Where Are Vendors Who Sell Spacesuits and Helmets in Starfield?

There’s pretty much universally one or more vendors who sell spacesuits, and by extension helmets and packs, in the main hub cities of Starfield. You can often find general stores in major settlements that sell sets like this, while other spots like Neon will host multiple options where you can shop for your ideal spacesuit. Generally, you’ll also have good luck checking the Trade Authority vendors set up in each settlement.

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New Atlantis Spacesuit and Helmet Vendors in Starfield

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The best bet in New Atlantis is to stop by the UC Surplus store in The Well under the MAST district. While it lacks a spacesuit workbench like some vendors selling spacesuits in Starfield, you’ll find a good variety on display, along with matching helmets and packs of varying value.

Cydonia Spacesuit and Helmet Vendors in Starfield

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Cydonia has a similar situation, but even more accessible: down the ramp from where you enter the city, to the left there is UC Exchange. You can buy spacesuits and various accessories here, nothing special though. Across from here is the Trade Authority as well.

Akila City Spacesuit and Helmet Vendors in Starfield

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Akila City has fewer options than one might expect, but it’s also instantly visible once you enter the town on your left. This is the Shepherd’s General Store where you can buy spacesuits and even mod yours with the workbench across from where you enter.

Hopetown Spacesuit and Helmet Vendors in Starfield

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For those who have not discovered this community, check the Valo star system near Alpha Centauri, and go to Polvo. Here you’ll find what’s essentially an outlet mall of various gear you’ll find useful, chiefly the “Best Defense” store that lives up to its name. It’s wall-to-wall weapons and gear, and it’s great.

Paradiso Spacesuit and Helmet Vendors in Starfield

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This one feels a bit underwhelming, especially given the temperament of its vendor. But if you’re looking for spacesuits in Paradiso, the general store in the most notable building here has a decent selection.

Neon Spacesuit and Helmet Vendors in Starfield

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Possibly the best variety of options in the game, the pleasure city of Neon does not disappoint. You can find spacesuit and helmet vendors all around here, specifically Sieghart’s Outfitters and Newill’s Goods that’ll live up to your expectations in the center of the city as you enter. The Trade Authority chapter here is also a great spot to check for spacesuits.

Other Locations to Buy Gear in Starfield

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Generally speaking, if you’re uncertain of the nearest location, check the Trade Authority when in doubt. In the Wolf system there’s even The Den with a small Trade Authority counter selling, you guessed it, spacesuits. Suiting up has never been easier!

- This article was updated on September 6th, 2023

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