Stray: Where to Find the Poncho for Elliot

Find the poncho to help Elliot warm up.

by Diego Perez


Early in Stray, you’ll be tasked with finding a poncho for a robot named Elliot so he can help you progress further into the Slums region. Ultimately, your goal here is to repair the tracker, but there are several steps that must be accomplished beforehand. This Stray guide will cover how to get the poncho for Elliot so you can focus on unlocking sweet trophies and achievements or getting into feline mischief.

Where to Find the Poncho in Stray

To get a poncho, you need to find someone who can make one for you. Thankfully, a kind robot nearby is willing to do this for you as long as you do a favor for them first. Speak to Grandma and she’ll tell you that she’ll knit you a poncho if you bring her an electrical cable.


To get the cable, you’ll have to speak to Azooz and trade him some Super Spirit Detergent in exchange for it. Fortunately, there’s a laundromat nearby in the right side of the Slums that has some just laying around. There’s no way inside once you first arrive at the laundromat, but you can cause some feline mayhem and make an entrance for yourself by messing with some of the nearby robots.

How to Get Super Spirit Detergent From the Laundromat

Make your way to the rooftops after speaking with Azooz and start heading in the direction of the laundromat, which again, is located in the right side of the Slums. Once you arrive, you’ll see two robots tossing cans of paint to one another. Stand next to the one throwing the paint and meow at the right time to make him slip up and drop the bucket, causing the owner of the laundromat to open the door and come outside to complain.


Now that you have a way in, head inside the laundromat and you can find Super Spirit Detergent on a table by the window to the left of the front door. With the detergent in your possession, head back to Azooz and make the trade for the cable. Then, head back to Grandma so she can knit you the poncho for Elliot.

What to Do With the Poncho in Stray

Once you have the knitted poncho in your possession, all you need to do is bring it to Elliot so he can warm up. Now that he’s suitably warm and cozy, he can fix any broken items that you come across during your adventure. You’ll need Elliot’s help to fix the broken tracker, for example, so this robot will be a huge help throughout Stray.

Stray is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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