How To Wear A Paper Bag On Your Head In Stray

Find out how to put a paper bag on your head in Stray!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re looking to get yourself into some exciting hijinx in Stray, you won’t need to venture far. As you make your way through your journey, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to play around like your favorite real-life felines, and get into some hilarious situations. One of the best things that you can do in Stray is getting your head stuck inside of a Paper Bag, which has some hilarious consequences.

But, how do you make this happen? Let’s dive in and find out what you’ll need to do to make this happen, as well as the results that follow suit when you put your head inside of a Paper Bag in Stray!

Paper Bags in Stray – How To Use Them?

There is no proper use for the Paper Bag, besides causing a bit of hilarity for the player, however, tracking one down and using one at least once will make sure that you’re having a giggle before you continue onto another section of your journey throughout the game. You’ll find plenty of trash in the outside world, or inside of an apartment or flat, so make sure you’re keeping an eye out for these items.

Once you have found one, you’ll just need to approach it and press the Triangle Button, which will allow your cat to slip the bag onto their head. If you stand still, it does nothing besides looking funny, but once you start to try and move, that’s where things get interesting.

As you wear the paper bag, you’ll notice that all of your controls are inverted. If you’re looking for a challenge, you could try to find your way out of the room that you are in, or try to navigate the streets that you’re on and see how far you can make it, before the bag is finally shaken off. It’s a hilarious way to inject some humor into this sometimes somber story and helps you keep a smile on your face even during the toughest moments.

If you’re having a blast with Stray so far, make sure that you’re checking out our Stray Guide Section, where we cover different collectibles that you can get, where to find Energy Drinks to help you unlock all of the Music Sheets, as well as all of the Codes for Safes and Locks that you come across in your adventure. If you’re a member of PlayStation Plus, we also cover how you can get the game for free!

Stray is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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