Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys: All Differences Explained

Which of these adorable Battle Royale titles is the best of the bunch?

by Shaun Cichacki

Players looking for the most adorable battle royale may not have expected there to be this much of a battle for the crown. As players continue to fawn over the release of Fall Guys: Ultimate Showdown as a free-to-play title on all platforms, there is one platform it still hasn’t visited yet: mobile.

That’s where Stumble Guys come into play. While the names and gameplay may seem to go hand in hand, each has its own pros and cons. What makes these games so different, however? Let’s get into the details and see who comes out as the true winner of this particular battle.

Fall Guys Versus Stumble Guys: What’s The Difference?

The biggest thing that players are going to notice right off of the bat is the quality. Fall Guys is created and maintained by an indie development studio that has partnered with some of the biggest names in the game, whereas Stumble Guys looks and feels a bit more amateur by comparison. Not to say that it looks bad, per se, but there is an obvious quality difference when looking at these titles side by side.

While it’s easy to look at the two of these titles side by side and say that one looks and animates better than the other, both have their own charms. Fall Guys has their iconic little bean men, whereas Stumble Guys goes into a slightly more chibi art style. Both games look fine in their own respect, but Fall Guys is the much more polished of the group.

What About Gameplay?

When Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout first came to market, it was an overnight sensation. Due in part to its inclusion with PlayStation Plus, this adorable title came swinging out of the fences with something new: a Battle Royale without being a traditional Battle Royale title.

Players will hop, jump, dive and swing their way through stages, racing toward the end to be the first across the finish line. As they’ve had years to perfect their craft, new stages and game types have started to trickle down the pipeline, allowing gamers of any skill level to join in the multiplayer mayhem.

Stumble Guys, on paper, is the same game as Fall Guys. There is, once again, clear inspiration between the two games, and not only in name. However, Stumble Guys does incorporate some new ideas that are not in Fall Guys, such as waterslide racing and more.

Both games offer plenty of fun for gamers around the world, but which one is the true winner is up to the player’s choice. Both games offer plenty of variety in this aspect, so there is no true winner here in the long run. Both titles are fun to play, alone or with friends.

Okay, so what about Sound and Music in Fall Guys and Stumble Guys?

This is another category where it’s really up to the player to choose which they like better. The muffled yells of the little bean men within the world of Fall Guys is quite humorous, and the soundtrack is quite excellent in the overall scheme of things. There is enough to keep players amped up and ready for more action.

Stumble Guys, on the other hand, seems to be picking up steam in this category. It seems that there is a fair bit of nostalgia for this game, especially for a fairly recent title. Checking out the comments on a YouTube channel will give players more insight, especially since it seems that the launch during the COVID pandemic brought many players together in this game.

It’s easy to see that the Fall Guys OST is of much higher production value, but we can’t fault the devs of Stumble Guys on this one. They’re working well with what they’ve got, but since the production of the game has started to go up since its early inspiration roots, maybe it’s time to start pumping the jam a bit louder.

Collaborations in Fall Guys and Stumble Guys

Players that are jumping into the battle for the crown may want to know which game happens to have the best collaborations and crossovers. Without a doubt, that would have to go to Fall Guys, which has partnered up with countless studios to provide costumes and even some specific events for particular games. Even the residents of Bikini Bottom have recently been introduced to the game, making it the ultimate victor.

Stumble Guys, on the other hand, is starting to gain some traction here. Recently, they partnered up with Hot Wheels to offer some exclusive cosmetics and items in their game, and that’s a pretty big step up to make for a title of this stature. Will the tides shift in the future, giving Stumble Guys the lead? It’s unlikely, but it could happen!

Is Fall Guys or Stumble Guys The Better Game?

If you would have asked this question last year, the choice would have been extremely obvious. However, since both of these titles begin to mature, there is enough variation between the two of them to give them warrants in all of the categories.

While Fall Guys may be the overall more polished title, the lack of a mobile release can still hinder it a fair bit. If they were able to bring this title to the Nintendo Switch, what’s preventing them from bringing it to the final frontier?

Stumble Guys, on the other hand, has its own unique charm. Yes, it did start as a completely blatant rip-off of the aforementioned Fall Guys, but now is starting to carve its name into the tree of fate. While there is still work to be done, they’re gaining some steady popularity. But, are they ready for the big leagues and a full-on console release just yet? Not entirely.

Only time will tell which will emerge as the true winner in this ultimate battle of falling versus stumbling, but as it stands, players can find plenty to enjoy between both titles. They offer enough variation between the two to stand on their own feet, but there is no clear winner here in the long run. Fall Guys may be much more polished than its competition, but Stumble Guys does happen to possess some charm that has helped it stay afloat as long as it has.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Stumble Guys is available on Mobile Devices and PC.

- This article was updated on December 19th, 2022

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