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Super Smash Bros. for 3DS Guide: Every Challenge Listed with Unlockables and Tips

by Kyle Hanson


Ever since Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Gamecube a big part of the series has been the Challenges. These objectives give players a chance to learn about the game, unlock items, and play in a different way than they normally would. Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS continues this by offering players over 100 different Challenges to try to complete. Each will unlock an item or stage in the game, and they will get progressively harder as you move up to the higher tier Challenges. We’ve listed out all 105 Challenges in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS along with what beating the Challenge will unlock. The Challenge condition is on the left, the unlock on the right: for example “Beat this Challenge – Unlock this”

Be aware, even if you haven’t unlocked the higher tier the game will track progress on those Challenges. Once you unlock the tier all of the completed Challenges will be completed automatically.

First Group

  • Obtain 30 Trophies – Toad trophy
  • Come first in 1 or more Smash Run final battles – unlocks Horizontal Beam Lvl. 1 Power
  • Clear All-Star on Easy – Unlocks Epona Trophy
  • Create a Mii Fighter – Unlocks Football Helmet Mii Headgear
  • Play 3 matches on the Rainbow Road stage – Unlocks Peach and Birthday Gift Trophy
  • Use a Final Smash while playing as Kirby – Dream Land Stage
  • Hit 300m or more in the Home-Run Contest – Bonker Trophy
    • Tip – For any Home Run Contest Challenge use Yoshi. Hit the bag with his air-down-A until the counter reaches about 3 seconds, then smash it with the bat
  • Land a 10 hit combo in Training – Big Ball Custom Ability
    • Tip – Increase the CPU player’s damage to 999%. Grab him with L and hit him with A. He will not be able to break out and you can combo him all you want.
  • Unlock the hidden character Ness – Magicant Stage
    • Tip – Play 10 Vs. matches in Smash mode or finish Classic mode two times
  • Unlock 5 Head Custom Parts – Strong Head Lvl. 1 Power
  • Play Target Blast for the first time – Xerneas Pokemon
  • Play Rival Battle once – Super Mushroom Hat Mii Headgear
  • Play StreetSmash for the first time – Lightning Falcon Kick Custom Ability
  • Battle 2 or more times on the Tortimer Island stage – Lift-off Lloid Custom Ability
    • Tip – For any Challenges like this just load up Smash mode with a Lvl. 1 CPU on a one stock match
  • Collect 10 or more Items during Smash Run – Reflector Lvl. 2 Power
  • Play Trophy Smash once – Timmy and Tommy Trophy
  • Use a Final Smash while playing as PAC-MAN – Pac-Maze Stage
    • Tip – Turn off all other items but Final Smash and fight a Lvl. 1 CPU character
  • Play the Home-Run Contest for the first time – Home-Run Bat Trophy
  • Play 3 or more times on the Reset Bomb Forest stage – Cragalanche the Mighty Trophy
  • Win 3 matches as Captain Falcon – Mute City Trophy
  • Unlock the hidden character Dark Pit – Dark Pit Staff Trophy
    • Tip – Play 50 Vs. matches or finish Classic mode three times
  • Complete Classic Mode at 3.0 difficulty or higher – Master Hand music
  • Unlock Wario – Warioware Inc. Stage
    • Tip – Play 30 Vs. matches or finish 100-Man Smash
  • Play 100 Man Battle once – Victini Pokemon
  • Use Villager 3 or more times – Balloon Fight Stage
  • Play Endless Battle once – Genesect Pokemon
  • Win 10 Man Battle – Zoroark Pokemon
  • Get at least 20 KOs in 3-Minute Smash – Karate Man Trophy
    • Tip – This is not a 3 minute match, it is a mode found in Multi-Man Smash
  • Clear 300 or more blocks in Trophy Rush – Giant Bomb Custom Ability
  • Win 3 matches as Luigi – Luigi Hat Mii Headgear
  • Win 2 matches as Ness – Mr. Saturn Trophy
  • Play Cruel Battle once – Spiny Hat Mii Headgear
  • Unlock 3 Body Custom Parts – Strong Body Lvl. 1 Power
  • Win 2 battles with Zelda – Princess Zelda Hat Mii Headgear
  • Score better than 100000 in Target Blast – Blast Box Trophy

Once you complete these a new tier will open…

Second Group

  • Complete Smash Run in 1st Place with 5 fighters – Spinning Blades Lvl. 2 Power
  • Land a 40 hit combo in Training – Beam Sword Use Speed Badge
    • Tip – Same as above
  • Unlock all hidden fighters – Menu 2 (Melee) music
  • Customize 3 fighters – Running Speed Up Badge
  • Clear 1000 or more blocks in Trophy Rush – Muscle Bomb Custom Ability
  • Get 100 total KOs – Hyper Smash Attack Badge
  • Obtain 150 Trophies – Redd Trophy
  • Score better than 2000000 overall high score in Target Blast – Big Bob-omb Trophy
  • Play StreetPass Smash with 5 different people – Shinespark Lvl. 2 Power
  • Score 10 or more in Rival Battle – Shot Down Recovery Defense Badge
  • Play 3 matches on Living Room stage – Golden Retriever Trophy
  • Strike 10 opponents in StreetSmash – Mugly Trophy
  • Collect 25 or more Items during Smash Run – Mach Stamp Lvl. 2 Power
  • Win 100 Man Battle – Auto Recovery Attack Badge
  • Score 99% or higher during the Staff Roll – Staff Roll music
  • Clear Classic Mode with 5 characters – Master Hand Trophy
  • Play 3 matches on the Find Mii stage – Dark Emperor Trophy
  • Win 5 matches as Meta Knight – Speed Drill Custom Ability
  • Unlock Mr. Game & Watch – Flat Zone 2 Stage
    • Tip – Play 90 Vs. matches or finish Classic mode ten times
  • Defeat Master Core in Classic Mode – Master Core music
  • Get 20 Counters in StreetPass Smash – First Hitter Speed Badge
  • Score better than 600m on Home Run Contest – Home Run Bat Use Speed Badge
  • Defeat 30 or more opponents in Endless Battle – Fire Stingray Trophy
  • Play Smash Run 5 times – Horizon Beam Lvl. 2 Power
  • Unlock all stages – Tortimer Island Trophy
  • Play Multiplayer for 10 or more hours – Knucle Joe Trophy
    • Tip – The more players you have the faster time accrues, get three friends and Smash away
  • Win 10 matches as Samus – Samus Hat Mii Headgear
    • Tip – Again, Lvl. 1 CPU characters on one stock does this quick
  • Unlock 15 Custom Abilities – Smash Ball Attraction Speed Badge
  • Unlock 5 Body Custom Parts – Kabuto Hat Mii Headgear
  • Get 300 total KOs – Critical Hit Attack Badge
    • Tip – Destroy those Lvl. 1 CPUs
  • Play Home Run Contest with 15 different characters – Quick Swing Batter Attack Badge
  • Create 8 Mii Fighters – Gentleman Hat Mii Headgear
  • Unlock 10 Head Custom Parts – Royal Armor Mii Outfit
  • Complete All-Star Mode on Normal difficulty – Medusa, Queen of the Underworld Trophy
  • Play for 8 hours – Meloetta Trophy
    • Tip – Plug in your 3DS, queue up four CPU characters and set to unlimited time

Third Group

  • Complete Classic Mode at 9.0 difficulty – Mamorigami Trophy
  • Score better than 1000m on Home Run Contest – Leader Lvl. 3 Power
  • Win Smash Run 20 times – Dual Cyclone Lvl. 3 Power
  • Customize 10 fighters – Air Defense Up Defense Badge
  • Score 50 or more in Rival Battle – Recovery Lvl. 3 Power
    • Try to stay focused on the Mii Fighters and avoid your Rival
  • Defeat 110 or more opponents in 3 Minute Battle – Squat Recovery Defense Badge
  • Unlock all Custom Abilities, Hats, and Body Parts – Miki Trophy
  • Clear 3000 or more blocks in Trophy Rush – Pop Gun Explosion Custom Ability (Diddy Kong)
  • Complete Classic Mode with all fighters – Crazy Hand Trophy
  • Complete 100 Man Battle in under 3 minutes – Easy Combination Custom Ability (Marth)
  • Fighters walk a total of 31 miles – Walking Speed Up Attack Badge
    • Smash Run will help with this
  • Clear 10 Man Battle in 20 seconds or less – Quick Smash Defense Badge
  • Land over 400 total hits between all fighters in Training – Jump Strengthening Speed Badge
  • Complete All-Star Mode with all fighters – King Hat Mii Headgear
  • Clear all red targets in Target Blast – Steampunk Clothes Mii Outfit
  • Score better than 15000m overall high score in Home Run Contest – Sandbag Trophy
  • Obtain 500 Trophies – Luigi (Poltergeist) Trophy
  • Complete 10 Man Battle with all fighters – Kat & Ana Trophy
  • Score better than 200000 in Target Blast – Explosive Punch Custom Ability (Mario)
  • Clear 100 Man Battle with all fighters – Shadow Trophy
  • Play Multiplayer for 50 or more hours – Color TV-Game 15 Trophy
    • Time is counted per player, load up three friends and smash away
  • Win Smash Run with all fighters – Shuffle Lvl. 3 Power
  • Fighters jump a total of 10km – High Jump Lvl. 3 Power
    • Smash Run again here, also you can create a custom character focused on jumping
  • Play Target Blast with all fighters – Dark Train Trophy
  • Strike 20 opponents in StreetPass Smash – Koopa Troopa (Green) Trophy
  • Land a 100 hit combo in Training – Protector Suit Mii Outfit
    • The grab technique from earlier won’t work here. Stand next to the opponent and spawn four Smart Bombs. Grab one and throw it into the bundle and you should get 100+ combo
  • Play for 20 hours – Princess Hat Mii Headgear
    • Just play the game, it’s really fun
  • Defeat 4 or more opponents in Cruel Battle – Lion Hat Mii Headgear
  • Complete All-Star Mode on Hard difficulty – Nintendouji Trophy
  • Get 1000 total KOs – Launch Skill Attack Badge
  • Defeat 2 or more opponents in Cruel Battle – Just Shield Explosion Defense Badge
  • Defeat 200 or more opponents in Endless Battle – Launch Ring Lvl. 3 Power
  • Collect all items in Smash Run – Prince Hat Mii Headgear
  • Complete All-Star Mode with 15 fighters – All-Star Rest Area Music
  • Obtain 600 Trophies – Jii Trophy

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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