The Best LeBron James Perks in MultiVersus

Are you looking to equip the best perks for LeBron James this week?

by Gordon Bicker


MultiVersus is going into the official open beta phase today and excited fans will no doubt be plunging themselves into everything the game has to offer. The early access of the beta got masses of attention, so the open beta will definitely bring a lot of new players to the game and increase the player numbers even further. Along with all of the hype around the main open beta, LeBron James will also be making their way to the experience today so many will be wanting to get an advantage in knowing what the best perks will be for them. This guide article will take you through everything you need to know about the best LeBron James perks in MultiVersus.

Best LeBron James Perks in MultiVersus

As with any character, a lot of the perks are shared and this allows us to make conclusions based on the perks already available about what some of the best perks will be for LeBron James. However, this is excluding the signature perks for the time being as these will be added to the article when more is known about the special perks. The table below will take you through the best perks for LeBron James.

Perk Name Benefit
Slippery Customer Due to how LeBron will play, it will be great to have a perk that helps with dodging and this perk will give you and your team a 10% longer dodge window (15% if another person within the team have it equipped) which will be excellent to have. You will be dodging those attacks in no time!
Triple Jump LeBron James should certainly always be able to jump high and with this perk you will be getting an excellent height for attacking as when you attack and get a hit with this perk equipped you will get an extra jump in mid-air.
Up, Up, and A-Slay A 5% increase to damage (10% if another member of your team also has it) and this will certainly make sure LeBron James is outputting the damage that you want for them.
Hit ‘Em While They’re Down This will give you a 5% increase to damage for hitting any debuffed enemies so it is another excellent perk to have for LeBron James and of course it will give that 10% if the team chooses it.

There are certainly a lot of great perks in MultiVersus and it will be a joy to see more being added over the years. Of course, LeBron James will likely have wonderful signature perks to go along with the main perks.

MultiVersus is now released in Open Beta form for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S Xbox One, and PC.

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