The Best Overwatch 2 Support Heroes

From healing to buffing, here are the Overwatch 2 Support Heroes that you'll want to main.

by Noah Nelson


With Overwatch 2 going free to play and with the beta going live, knowing which Support Hero out of the seven currently available is the best to use. Though the quality of a Hero is bound to change as Blizzard balances out its Heroes, there are a few that are extremely good so far. Here are the best Support Heroes in Overwatch 2.

The Best Support Heroes in Overwatch 2

If you are new to Overwatch, you need to know that the standard 5v5 teams are losing one Tank and will now only be 4v4. Each team will consist of 2 Damage Heroes, 1 Tank Hero, and 1 Support Hero. With one less Tank, it will be more difficult for Support Heroes to stay alive long enough to buff their team. The best Support Heroes have high mobility, effective heals and buffs, and have a way to stay out of the fight.


One of the best Support Heroes is Ana. In terms of movement, Ana doesn’t have anything special. What she lacks in movement, she makes up for in her heals and buffs. She is equipped with a Biotic Rifle that keeps her away from the center of the battle. The shots from the rifle heal allies and damage enemies. She also has a Biotic Grenade that heals and increases healing on allies and damages and prevents healing on enemies.

Ana also has a Sleep Dart ability that will put an enemy to sleep. Lastly, her Nano Boost ultimate increases an ally’s damage and reduces damage taken. Ana is incredibly useful and doubles as a soft Damage Hero, but she does take a lot of skill to use. If you love sniping in games and supporting the team from the sidelines, Ana is a tremendously powerful Hero that will give you the most bang for your buck.


Moira is consistently one of the best Support Heroes in the game. Like Ana, Moira’s abilities are focused on dealing damage to enemies while simultaneously healing allies. Unlike Ana, Moira has Fade which is a “get out of jail free” ability that makes her invisible and invincible for a short while. This is great for relocating and escaping enemies.

Her main attack has the ability to heal close allies and suck the health of enemies that are close. She also has a Biotic Orb which heals allies and damages enemies and she has Coalescent which is an ability that shoots a huge beam that heals allies and hurts enemies within it. Moira is a well-balanced Support Hero that helps the team by dealing damage and healing them. Her kit is fairly simple, but she is consistently useful.


The ultimate Support Hero right now is easily Lucio. Lucio has a great mix of everything a great Support Hero needs. For mobility, Lucio is extremely hard to hit since he skates across the battlefield with ease. He can also Wall Run which increases his odds to avoid enemies and stick with his team.

When it comes to healing and buffs, Lucio can choose to heal nearby teammates or increase their movement speed with his Crossfade ability. Amp It Up increases the effectiveness of Crossfade while his ultimate, Sound Barrier, creates a Temporary shield for all nearby allies. And if all of this wasn’t enough, Lucio has a Sonic Amplifier to deal damage to enemies and a Soundwave which blasts enemies away. All in all, Lucio is an incredible Support Hero that can do it all.

All of the Support Heroes in Overwatch 2 are viable so far. There are some that are better than others which hopefully gets ironed out before Overwatch 2 launches this Fall. Either way, stay tuned for more Overwatch 2 news and guides.

Overwatch 2 will be released on October 4 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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