The Snallygaster is Native to Which Region of the World in Hogwarts Legacy?

A tough one, indeed.

by Christian Bognar
Sophronia Franklin Quiz Round 3
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

During “Professor Weasley’s Assignment” side quest in Hogwarts Legacy, you will encounter a student named Sophronia Franklin. This student loves to quiz you about the Wizarding World, and one of her more challenging questions is, “The Snallygaster is native to which region?” We have you covered with the answer.

Which Region Can the Snallygaster be Found in Hogwarts Legacy

The Snallygaster is native to the region of North America. Select this answer, and Sophronia will be pleased with your knowledge of the Wizarding World. After you answer this question, she will continue asking you other questions, and although you don’t need to answer them all correctly, she will reward you with special potions if you do.

If you are shooting for the potion rewards, you must also ensure you answer the following questions correctly. Ensure you know that the Lochness Monster is another name for the world’s largest kelpie, and Ulick Gamp was the first minister of magic. These are the last two questions of Sophronia’s quiz.

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Sophronia’s Quiz Rewards

If you answer all 25 questions correctly, Sophronia will reward you with three Wiggenweld Potions, a Maxima Potion, and Edurus Potion. These aren’t groundbreaking, but they save you some time going to the Room of Requirement and crafting them instead, considering their ingredients consist of hard-to-find materials and resources.

If you are unfamiliar with what these potions specialize in, we also have you covered on that. Wiggenweld potions will heal you; Maxima will increase your overall spell damage, while Edurus potion will increase your defense for a short time. Combining all three potions in battle can make a huge difference and help you survive longer, especially during a demanding boss.

If you answer questions incorrectly and want to take advantage of these potions, take a minute to learn how to craft each. You’ll need Horklump Juice and Dittany Leaves for Wiggenweld, Ashwinder Eggs and Mongrel fur for Edurus, and Leech Juice and Spider Fang for Maxima.

- This article was updated on February 20th, 2023