Typhlosion Tera Raid Solo Guide: How to Beat Typhlosion by Yourself in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Here's how to increase your chances of beating Typhlosion by yourself.

by Christian Bognar
Image: Game Freak

The following 7 Star Tera Raid Battle has been officially revealed for Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet, and it will have players going against Typhlosion. Usually a fire-type Pokemon, this Tera Raid Battle will have Typhlosion take on the form of its Ghost Tera Type.

Players should be ready to take on this next seven Star Tera Raid when it begins on April 14th and runs through the 16th, and starts again on April 21st through the 23rd. While these battles are always easier to take on with a group of players or NPC’s, some brave players like to go to these battles alone. Here is how you can win this Tera Raid solo.

How to Beat Typhlosion 7 Star Tera Raid Battle Solo


Typhlosion 7 Star Tera Raid battle will consist of some tough movesets and abilities that you will want to be prepared for going into the fight. So, let’s take a look at what you should expect going into this battle regarding movesets.

Typhlosion Movesets for 7 Star Tera Raid

First and foremost, players should be well aware that this Typhlosion is going to have a hidden ability called “Flash Fire,” which means that if the Pokemon is hit with a fire attack—the Pokemon will become immune to all fire attacks as well as increase its own fire attacks. So to counter this, you should completely disregard bringing your fire-focused Pokemons into this Tera Raid.

Some moves we can predict Typhlosion to have during the upcoming Tera Raid event are Flamethrower, Shadowball, Focus Blast, and Solar Beam. Be prepared for Typhlosion also to have a modest nature. While this isn’t confirmed, the ghost-type version of Typhlosion is featured in Pokemon: Legends Arceus and he is known to have these moves.

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Best Counters/Pokemon for Typhlosion Seven Star Raid

It is essential to know that the two types of Pokemon that are strongest against Ghost-type Pokemon are Ghost and Dark-type attacks. Considering Typhlosion will be a Ghost-type Pokemon during the fight, you will want to focus on bringing Dark-type Pokemon that also can help against the attacks to expect from Typhlosion. Some recommendations here are Houndoom, Chi-Yu, and Honchkrow.


Image: Game Freak and Attack of the Fanboy

Houndoom is perfect for this fight, considering it is both a Fire-type Pokemon and Dark-type. The Dark part of this Pokemon will tremendously damage Typhlosion, while the Fire part of Houndoom will protect you against the fire attacks we will see during the Tera Battle. EVs focused on Special Attacks and Special Defense will help keep Houndoom alive longer while also allowing you to increase damage output. Make sure to equip Flash Fire to Houndoom—increasing fire damage.


Image: Game Freak and Attack of the Fanboy

Chi-Yu is an excellent choice for this Tera Raid Battle, considering it is also a Dark/Fire type Pokemon—which once again plays on the weakness of Typhlosion. Your focus should be the same here as Houndoom regarding EVs, although you can decide to use EVs towards HP instead and still increase your chances during the fight. Have Nasty Plot and Dark Pulse in your moveset, which help increase damage output.


Image: Game Freak and Attack of the Fanboy

Also, Honchkrow is a good choice for this battle considering its base moveset and defense have a high resistance to Typhlosion. Honchkrow is a Dark-type Pokemon meaning that its attacks are strong against Typhlosion, and it also helps with the fact that Honchkrow is one of the most substantial Dark types in the game. Focus on putting EVs towards Special Attack and Health. Ensure Honchkrow has Super Luck—which increases the chances of landing a critical hit by 1 stage.

While there are many Pokemon to choose from when it comes to winning this Tera Raid, these give you the best chances—especially when taking on the fight yourself.

- This article was updated on April 10th, 2023

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