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Valheim – How to Build the Forge

Become a metalworker with this new workbench.

by Brandon Adams


The Forge is one of the most important objects you will craft in Valheim, since it will allow you to shape and create metal objects, equipment, and more. There’s a little bit of work you’ll need to put in prior to assembling your Forge in Valheim, but nothing a Viking like yourself can’t get done in an hour or two.

To craft the Forge in Valheim you’ll need to first create the Smelter and Kiln, and mine copper ore.

The Forge in Valheim requires a handful of pretty standard materials – Stone and Wood – which you should have a healthy stockpile of by now. The other two – Coal and Copper – require two new crafting objects to create (well, except coal technically, which can be created by burning your food). The Charcoal Kiln and Smelter recipes are unlocked once you’ve looted yourself a Surtling Core, and you’ll need ten total to build both of these objects. You can read up on how to find Surtling Cores in our guide here if you don’t already know how to do so.

You’ll also need to mine copper ore from the Black Forest for your Smelter. Since both copper and Surtling Cores are found within the Black Forest I recommend you create an outpost in the biome for all your Smelting and future metalworking needs. This will save you time on travel, give you a place to store your ore and repair your pickaxe, and it’ll act as a nice shelter away from home. Regardless of whether you heed my advice or not, once you’ve built your Smelter and Kiln, and have mined at least six pieces of copper ore you’re ready to create your Forge.

Feed the Kiln 25 wood to create 25 pieces of coal, and feed 20 of these into your Smelter alongside the copper ore. Once the copper pops out as shiny full plates bust out your hammer and find a nice sheltered location (with a roof) to plop down your Forge. Congrats: you can now combine copper and tin to create bronze, which is used to craft a bunch of new, vital items. You’ll need 2 copper for every 1 tin to create a single piece of bronze, so if you haven’t been mining your eyes dry yet, well, you’re about to (and thus why I suggested you build a Black Forest outpost).

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