Valheim: How to Get Draugr Bow

An awesome bow to look at and use respectively.

by Victor Vellas

There are many weapons you can get in Valheim, some for their utility they bring to the table, others for how strong they obviously are. The Draugr Bow is one that ‘kind’ of fits the second category, due to to indeed how good it is, but you are most likely here since you realized you can have a shiny bow of your own. Who wouldn’t like to farm for feathers in a stylish way? Let’s take a look as to how you can get your hands to this awesome-looking bow.

How to get the Draugr Bow in Valheim

While not being the actual best weapon or bow in the game, the Draugr Bow compensates for its usefulness, cool-looking appearance and how early-ish you can create it. You first need to have a level 2 Forge to craft it, but in order to upgrade it to its max potential, you need your Forge to be level 5.

Accessible after being to the Swamp biome, you need the following materials to make it:

  • x10 Ancient Bark
  • x2 Deer Hide
  • x20 Silver
  • x10 Guck

Its key component, Ancient Bark, can be found from Ancient Trees so it’s easy enough to farm for it. Silver can be obtained by smelting Silver Ores you find all over the Mountains biome, Deer Hide you should have plenty by now, and Guck is the most troublesome one. You need to locate Gucksackes, that are only found on elevated places, usually needing a platform to build in order to reach them. Don’t even bother with taking them down with arrows, as they are immune to such attacks.

There you have it, with these materials in hand, you can create your own Draugr Bow and glow brightly into the darkness of  Valheim’s world. It’s a great weapon and bow to have for quite a long time, therefore it is highly suggested to get one as soon as you can.

Valheim is now available through Steam Early Access.