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Valheim – Best Weapons to Make

It's dangerous to go alone, take any of these.

by Victor Vellas


There is an abundance of items and weapons you can craft in Valheim, however, there are a few that make quite a difference when you have them in your inventory. There are tons of secrets to find and multiple dungeons to explore in the game and having a suitable weapon for each occasion is a must. Valheim succeeds in making the players having their way with its world, playing as they see fit. Even if you are tackling end-game content, you can still rock that Troll armor if you prefer being lightweight with focus on Bows and sneak attacks, or go ahead and farm for the materials needed for the strongest gear in the game. That being both for weapons and armor alike.

This time, we’ll be looking at the most impactful weapons you can make in Valheim. Not necessarily due to their overall power, since many of them are here due to their utility or how fast you can make them and progress through the game.

Best weapons you can make in Valheim


  • Wood x6

This is not a joke. Literally the first weapon you will most likely make in the game, Club is taking a spot here due to how solid it is when you first jump into the world of Valheim. You will replace it very soon of course, but for early game it does wonders.

Finewood Bow

By no means the strongest bow out there, but it is the first bow that will make you realize how broken they can be. Also, there is a certain way to craft this weapon way faster than you should, so make sure to check our relevant guide about it.

Stagbreaker Hammer

A perfect weapon to craft early on, for farming minor enemies such as Greydwarf creatures. They tend to come at you in groups, so 2 swings of this hammer and its AOE attack, and they are gone.

Abyssal Harpoon

  • Fine Wood x8
  • Chitin x30
  • Leather Scraps x3

As a weapon the Abyssal Harpoon is nothing to brag about, but what makes it candidate for this list here is its utility for a certain activity in the game. Hunting Serpents, who are extremely annoying sea creatures, completely hindering your smooth sailing. Read more about this and how you can actually take advantage of this tool, right here in this guide.

Serpent Scale Shield

  • Fine Wood x10
  • Iron x4
  • Serpent Scale x8

The previously mentioned weapon brings us to this one right here, the Serpent Scale Shield. It can be made from the scales you farm from Serpents, and since this would normally be a very hard task, the shield itself is very strong but can made quite early-ish. It is equal in power with end-game shields, so make yourself a favor and craft this gem the soonest you can.

Abyssal Razor

  • Fine Wood x4
  • Chitin x20
  • Leather Scraps x2

The second strongest dagger/knife in the game. Why not the actual first one listed here? Because this is way easier to make, and can carry you up to late game nicely. Whenever you are able to craft the Black Metal one, it can be replaced. Having the Abyssal Razor though, wouldn’t make this a priority so you can save up your metal for different tools.

Frost Arrows

  • Wood x8
  • Obsidian x4
  • Feathers x2
  • Freeze Gland x1

Some of the strongest arrows in the game, but what makes them distinct is their ease of use and the bonus they provide to you over enemies. Also, they are an exceptional tool to have if you want to defeat Bonemass with minimal effort.

Iron Sledge

  • Ancient Bark x10
  • Iron x30
  • Ymir Flesh x4
  • Draugr Elite Trophy x1

The Iron Sledge is a literal upgrade to hammer users, especially if you were used to the Stagbreaker Hammer. A very strong weapon, with quite a bit of materials needed as well. The most problematic of these would be the Ymir Flesh, due to not even knowing where this ingredient drops from. Thankfully for you, we’ve got all the answers needed. The specific item can be bought from the mysterious Merchant, found in the Black Forest. Read this article here if you wish to see how you can look for him. Then, simply approach him and buy the necessary items for crafting the Iron Sledge.


  • Ancient Bark x10
  • Silver x30
  • Ymir Flesh x5
  • Freeze Gland x5

Last but for sure not least, Frostner is an excellent weapon in almost every aspect. Great damage, great buffs, very good utility and in general an easy pick for anyone. The materials needed may end up a small hassle though, but well worth it. A trusty companion to every adventure you can have within the world of Valheim.

There are still many items and weapons you can craft in the game, with many of them having greater stats than the ones mentioned above, but those are only end-game weapons, with a lot of rare ingredients as their components. Most of them are created with Black Metal, so if you do have indeed everything needed, feel free to go for a Black Metal weapon to replace some of the above ones. It is without a doubt that the developers behind Valheim will introduce more and more weapons as time goes by, so stay tuned for more to come.

Valheim is now available through Steam Early Access.


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