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Valheim – How to Make the Abyssal Harpoon

A key tool for hunting sea Serpents.

by Victor Vellas


Vikings are famous for their long expeditions on ships and the likes, and harpoons were always a handy tool to have, with the oceans of Valheim being no exception. The Abyssal Harpoon in particular, is an exceptional way of dealing with threats like the sea Serpents. This unique item does need a little bit of trouble to make it, but well worth it.

How to make the Abyssal Harpoon.

First things first, let’s see what are the materials needed for our lovely harpoon:

The Fine Wood and Leather Scraps should be self explanatory by now, as you should have dozens of them. Feel free to check our guides if you need any help gathering these. As far as the Chitin goes though, this is where it gets tricky.

Chitin can be mined from abyssal barnacles. If you are wondering what these even are, do not worry. It’s not like you’ve seen them before in the open. In order to find some of them, you need to first locate some Krakens! You heard that right, there are giant Krakens in Valheim, but in contrast to what you would’ve imagined, they are not hostile. They act as small islands, where you can set foot on them and gather anything that’s found there. Just make sure to go back to your ship when they start descending into the ocean, as you will fall into the water if you are too late. In order to find them you need to be in the Ocean biome, and look for them with your ship. There isn’t any specific way of locating them, that we know of for now, so simply start traversing through the waters until you spot one.


Being on top of a kraken, you can spot several hole-like thingies popping up. These are the abyssal barnacles you need to look out for, so mine away any you have in sight. From them, you can mine Chitin which is the main ingredient for making the Abyssal Harpoon.

Simply go back to your Workbench and craft this awesome new tool, with which you can easily hunt some Serpents and their scales.

Valheim is now available through Steam Early Access.


- This article was updated on:February 12th, 2021

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