Valheim Vulkan vs. Normal: Which Version is Better?

Learn which API is better once and for all.

by Carlos Hurtado
Image: Iron Gate Studio

The PC gaming community is always looking for new methods to improve their FPS while playing at the highest settings, and Valheim players are on the same page. Valheim is one of the many games that now support the new Vulkan API, and now we will settle the Valheim Vulkan vs. Normal battle once and for all.

Valheim Vulkan vs. Normal: Which Version is Better?

In most gameplay and performance comparisons between the Vulkan API and DirectX 11 and 12, there is a clear winner for performance. Generally, the Vulkan API is the best option when playing Valheim. In low-end hardware, there is a significant boost in FPS, adding from 3 frames per second to, in some cases, reaching more than 10.

The Vulkan API is not a one-stop solution for all your performance issues, but it should at least help you gain a couple of FPS next time you boot into the game.

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Valheim developers added Vulkan support back in update 0.146.8, besides many fixes and changes to the game. Previously Steam users had to force the API into the game by tweaking the game’s launch options within Steam, but since that update, it is not required anymore.

What Are APIs?

Most novice PC gamers do not know about APIs, but around the web, there is an easy way to explain what it means and how you could benefit from it the next time you buy a game that takes advantage of it.

APIs like DirectX and Vulkan are software solutions that allow programs to communicate with each other efficiently. Most veteran PC gamers are aware of DirectX as most old CD PC games required players to install its latest version, so no one should be confused over that.

Vulkan was announced in 2015 by Kronus Group and later released in 2016. Many gamers are still skeptical about this new solution, but if you want to get the most FPS out of Valheim, you should try it. Other titles like Red Dead Redemption 2, DOOM Eternal, and Saints Row allow players to choose Vulkan as their preferred API, so if you are still playing any of these titles, give it a shot and see if you can get more FPS while playing.

Valheim launched in 2021, and since then, thousands of players are in their servers. If you are new to the game, learn how to craft a feather cape, how to smelt black scrap metal, and if your character can dual-wield knives.

- This article was updated on March 6th, 2023