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Warframe – Railjack Research Guide

Mitigate bad luck with some research in your Dry Dock.

by Brandon Adams


Once Tenno have finished Rising Tide and have built their Railjack they’ll find themselves equipped with some basic components and armaments. What they may not know is they can research higher tiers of that equipment for all in their clan to share.

Improved versions of Sigma equipment can be researched in the Dry Dock once you have built a Railjack.

Remember that research terminal you used to research Cephalon Cy? Once you finish your Railjack his blueprint will be replaced with a handful of upgrades to your stock Sigma equipment. The research here is shared among clanmates (though, like other research, each person is responsible for baking their own completed blueprint), so getting these in the oven will benefit everyone looking to jump into the new update. Anyone in your clan who has access to their Railjack can contribute to the resource cost, and currently you need standard non-Railjack materials to get these upgrades cooking.

Naturally, you’ll need to contribute more towards research the higher your clan rank is, but at the Ghost tier I found most of the material requirements hovered around eight-to-ten thousand per common item, with “rarer” materials sticking to about one per research. Once the contributions have been provided the research will begin, and it will take three days to complete. So far we’re in pretty standard territory, but there is one minor wrinkle.

Railjack components and armaments rise up to a max of MK III power, and the first set of research in your dojo is for MK I equipment. Once an item is fully researched you’ll unlock the next tier, which will require more materials to bake, but offer up better blueprints. The trick here to to push every item to MK III. A MK I or MK II blueprint will still prove useful in the early portions of Railjack, but each of these blueprints require an exorbitant amount of Railjack materials to bake.

The idea here is simple: hitch a ride on someone else’s Railjack as these bake, and farm up as many Railjack materials as you can. You’ll also boost your Intrinsics, gain some helpful wreckage, and some Avionics while doing this. By the time you finish baking all your MK III Sigma equipment you’ll either have better equipment thanks to a healthy amount of luck, or you’ll have enough materials to craft the improved Sigma components and armaments. From here you can kit out your Railjack and fly it in most missions without it constantly falling apart, and able to dish out some useful damage to enemy units.

I say this, because as of writing this guide, I’ve plugged countless hours away into Railjack and the best reactor I’ve found through wreckage offered a piddly +28 Avionics capacity. The Sigma MK III reactor boosted my Avionics capacity by +50. Don’t sleep on this equipment! RNGesus is capricious in Empyrean, and not only will this equipment help clanmates just starting out, but it will help you pad around poor luck while you try and farm up that perfect Apoc cannon or +100 reactor. Research your Sigma equipment!

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- This article was updated on:January 4th, 2020

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