Warzone 2 DMZ: All Faction Missions and How to Complete Them

How do you advance in DMZ Mode?

by J.R. Waugh

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 continues to leave its mark on the COD fandom with its recent release of Warzone 2, and fans are intrigued by the new DMZ mode that comes along with it. In Warzone 2 DMZ, you’re tasked with survival on the Al Mazrah map, filled with hostile parties of AI soldiers as well as the occasional player-controlled groups of operators vying for loot and extraction. The result can have tense conflicts over enemy strongholds and the valuable rewards scattered across the map, and Warzone 2 DMZ provides further incentives in the form of Faction Missions.

What Are the Faction Missions in Warzone 2 DMZ?

Faction Missions in Warzone 2 DMZ are simple, yet occasionally tricky objectives bearing potentially huge rewards if you complete them. Many of them revolve around completing various tasks, and you can have up to 3 missions selected at a time. Some appear daunting, especially if you unwittingly deploy unarmed, but with the right squad, you can potentially complete multiple missions with ease, particularly the Tier 1 Legion missions. The missions are listed below, and how to complete them:

Legion Faction Missions: Tier 1

Legion faction missions are your introduction to the mechanic in Warzone 2 DMZ, and are thus quite easy to complete, for the most part.

  • Make Contact: Use your Tac-Map and ping a contract phone. + Find a contract phone and download the intel. Reward: Double XP Token and 5000 XP
    • You can achieve this one within a minute or so of deploying in DMZ. Just open your Tac-Map (Tab/View/Touchpad) and zoom in to find the little green contract phone icons, and ping them (‘Up’ on the D-Pad or ‘Alt’ on the keyboard) then simply use them.
  • Locate and Scavenge: Find and loot 5 loot caches. + Loot 5 items into your backpack. Reward: Pseudo-Private Emblem and 5000 XP.
    • This one is the easiest of any mission, simply open containers and take the contents, and you’ll walk out with 5k XP in no time.
  • Al-Qatala Informant: Activate 1 UAV Tower. Reward: M4 (Contraband) and 5000 XP.
    • This one is simple in that you just need to find a UAV tower (a small radio tower on the ground or atop buildings you can turn on) and activate it by holding down the action button while at the tower’s terminal.
  • Storm the Stronghold: Acquire a Stronghold Keycard + Clear a Stronghold of enemy combatants + Extract the White Lotus intel found on Stronghold guards. Rewards: Pendulum weapon blueprint and 5000 XP.
    • This one can be tricky for beginners as you’ll need a crew willing to commit to a stronghold mission. Beyond that, it’s simply looting enemies for Stronghold Keycards that might drop off AI opponents guarding strongholds, clearing them like any COD campaign mission, then checking their bodies for White Lotus intel drops. Your allies can grab it so long as you all extract with it.

Legion Faction Missions: Tier 2

  • Big Spender: Acquire $60,000 in cash. + Spend $60,000 at a shop. Reward: Cavern Boat Dock S and 7500 XP.
    • Simple in-game, you just need to accumulate this amount of cash in total and spend it in the numerous shops across the map across multiple sessions.
  • Buried Barrels: Complete 1 Secure Radioactive Material contract + Loot 4 items from the radioactive caches. Reward: SP-R 208 (Contraband) and 7500 XP.
    • This is a case for checking your tac-map and hovering over the contract phone icons to spot the ones that say Radioactive Material. The rest is self-explanatory once you accept the contract.
  • Junker: Destroy 6 vehicles. Reward: Pseudo-Private Calling Card and 7500 XP.
  • Anti-Air: Capture a SAM Site + Wait for your captured SAM Site to shoot down an airplane + Loot a dropped supply drop. Reward: RPK (Contraband) and 7500 XP.
    • You’ll occasionally spot SAM batteries on the map, as they’re huge missile installations you can capture. Simply capture, hold while fighting off AI soldiers, and you’ll achieve this one in no time.
  • Key Elimination: Complete an Eliminate HVT Contract + Loot a key found on an HVT or elsewhere + Use a key to unlock a locked space. Reward: Fanning Konig Calling Card and 7500 XP.
  • Data Collection: Find and loot a Computer + Extract 4 Thumb Drives + Extract 5 Hard Drives. Reward: FTAC Recon (Contraband) and 7500 XP.
  • Frame Job: Purchase an LVT with a turret at a Shop + Use the LVT Turret to kill 10 enemies in Ahkdar Village + Destroy the LVT in Mawiweh Marsh. Reward: Anonymous Operator Skin and 15000 XP.

White Lotus Faction Missions: Tier 1

  • World Traveler: Travel to 6 different Points of Interest (POIs) in one deployment. Reward: M16 (Contraband) and 5000 XP.
    • This one is super-easy, just go to key locations on the map such as Sa’id City or Sattiq Cave Complex or other areas, the game will tell you when you’ve reached these locations.
  • Convenience: Fuel and repair vehicles at 5 gas stations + Extract 7 Gas Cans. Reward: Kushaak Construction Warehouse Key and 5000 XP.
    • This one can be a bit tricky but the mission pushes you to use vehicles more often and to know how to repair them when they take damage. Knowing the gas station locations on the map will be crucial here.
  • Badge of Honor: Acquire a Basilisk, commonly found in police stations + Kill 13 enemies with headshots using a Basilisk. Reward: Basilisk (Contraband) and 5000 XP.
    • Another easy one, simply raid the police stations for these handy revolvers and use them on AI enemies you encounter.
  • Health Conscious: Loot a medicine cabinet + Extract 9 Stims + Extract 6 Bandages. Reward: White Lotus Emblem and 5000 XP.
    • As you can tell, the Tier 1 faction missions are far easier to complete and can be done so long as you survive until exfiltration. For this, simply raid the medicine cabinet and keep the medical supplies and Stim Tactical Items you can find.
  • Demolitions: Acquire a Destroy Supplies contract + Complete a Destroy Supplies contract + Open a Safe. Reward: Double Weapon XP Token and 5000 XP.
    • Another case for getting familiar with the Contracts available on the Tac-Map.
  • Fully Encumbered: Extract with a full backpack. Reward: Rapp H (Contraband) and 5000 XP.
    • This one is simple and can technically be completed even if you load your backpack with worthless junk, so long as you survive the exfiltration.
  • Flight Recon: Land a Light Helo at the Hafid Port helipad + Download the Light Helo’s flight path data + Extract the Light Helo’s flight path data. Reward: Steel Ghost Blueprint and 10000 XP.
    • This one can be more difficult, but it serves more as a practice than anything else and trains you on extracting high-value items too.

White Lotus Faction Missions: Tier 2

This section will be amended as the tier is unlocked by more players, and is only unlocked by completing the Tier 1 White Lotus missions.

Black Mous Faction Missions: Tier 1

Much like White Lotus Tier 2 missions, this section will also be expanded soon. It is unlocked only by completing the Tier 2 Story Missions for the Legion and White Lotus Factions, so it can take some players a while.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is available now on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

- This article was updated on November 17th, 2022

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