Warzone Swamp Creature Location: How to Open Egg Pods and Find the Tiara in The Haunting

Alec Holland wouldn't return our calls asking for a comment on these creatures; guess he's swamped.

by J.R. Waugh
COD Warzone DMZ Operation Nightmare Swamp Creature Location
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Sometimes in COD Warzone & DMZ, you have to get your hands and feet dirty to take out the high-value targets in your way. While this wetwork can often be taken metaphorically, one of the ops that Operation Nightmare sends you on is particularly risky: the Swamp Creatures. There’s an anomaly occurring in the wetlands around Al Mazrah, and it turns out some dangerous creatures are behind it. Here is the Swamp Creature location in COD Warzone and DMZ, and how to find the Tiara among the Egg Pods in The Haunting!

Where to Find the Swamp Creature in Warzone & DMZ: The Haunting

The Swamp Creature habitat is scattered around some small islands in the Mawizeh Marshlands due south of Al Mazrah City in Warzone. You can access this boss fight either in Warzone or DMZ, although generally, I advise you to stick to DMZ to prevent other eager players from stealing your kill.

Swamp Creature, Image: Attack of the Fanboy

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But while the Swamp Creature might pop out of the water and attack you occasionally, you’ll first need to find the Golden Tiara to summon more of them. For this, you’ll need to dig through some Egg Pods.

What is the Golden Tiara and How Do You Get it in Warzone & DMZ: The Haunting?

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The Golden Tiara is a precious artifact held within one of the giant orange or green glowing egg pods found in the surrounding area of the Mawizeh Marshlands. Simply approach these, hold ‘Square’ or ‘X’ to open them, and the Tiara should appear on the left as a valuable you can retrieve. Be warned: each time you open one, you’re coated in a slime that attracts the Swamp Creature.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

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How to Offer the Golden Tiara and Defeat the Swamp Creatures in Warzone & DMZ Operation Nightmare

Once you find the Golden Tiara, you can find a glowing gold summoning circle on one of the small islands in the marshland. Hold ‘Square’ or ‘X’ with the Tiara in your inventory, and get your weapons ready. This will summon not 1, but typically 3 Swamp Creatures to relentlessly attack you instead of their normal guerrilla hit-and-run tactics.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

These enemies are not the toughest boss enemies in the game, being less resilient than the Pharaoh or the Butcher, yet faster, but easier to hit than the UFO. Empty a couple of clips into each of them, and remember: explosives are your friend, and you can carve away at their health and shields quickly if you keep them clustered before a big explosion.

What Do You Get for Killing the Swamp Creatures?

Aside from a tidy bursary of souls from each kill, you can return to the summoning circle to find the Prized Golden Tiara. This is one of the most valuable treasures you can find, and extracting or selling it will net you lots of money! You’ll find similar prizes such as from the Ghost Train after completing its raid.

- This article was updated on October 17th, 2023

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