What Are Rings Used for in Street Fighter 6 World Tour?

Learn here what rings are used for in Street Fighter 6 World Tour!

by J.R. Waugh
Street Fighter 6 World Tour Rings
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Street Fighter 6 World Tour is a truly odd and special experience. It has a real Yakuza feel to its surreal overworld, but with globe-spanning options to travel and become a master fighter in your own right. Along this quest, though, you’ll find small side-quests in the form of the Equivalent Exchange sub mission, where you’ll be tasked with finding various odd trinkets. But what are rings used for in Street Fighter 6 World Tour? We’ve got the answers.

What Are Rings Used for in Street Fighter 6 (SF6) World Tour?

Rings, much like cards, are not individually useful but are gathered for Counterfeiter Leonardo for the Equivalent Exchange sub mission in Street Fighter 6 World Tour.

You need 2 Rings, 2 Cards, and 2 Pipes, which you bring to Leonardo at Skywalk Lane to complete the Equivalent Exchange sub mission. The items are not described as having any other uses, but they are fashioned into a stylish Officer’s Cap you can wear as a reward.

Where Are Rings in SF6 World Tour?

Rings are found at Bayside Park, just south of Beat Square along the southern coast of Metro City. You can find them on NPCs you can fight, where you can press ‘Y’ or ‘△’ to pull up the Details menu, and if Rings are an available reward they’ll be at the top. Fulfill the battle conditions, such as using Marisa’s or Cammy’s style in a battle or using certain attacks, and you’ll get your 2 rings in no time.

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You can find Leonardo above the Downtown area at Skywalk Lane. If you’ve not begun the Equivalent Exchange sub mission, you’ll need to progress the story into Chapter 3, where you must first get a piece for a leather bag by traveling to Italy and meeting Marisa.

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The reward is a bit of a letdown, with cards, rings, and pipes seemingly sounding like the recipe for a card-playing pimp outfit complete with a collapsible cane, but the Officer’s Cap is also a fine reward. Just fine.

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- This article was updated on June 3rd, 2023

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