What Governmental Body Directly Preceded the Ministry of Magic in Hogwarts Legacy?

Are you trying to work out the answer to this question in Hogwarts Legacy?

by Gordon Bicker
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Hogwarts Legacy has moments where knowledge of Harry Potter lore can be most beneficial such as at the quizzes with Sophronia Franklin. There are questions about parts such as the Tale of the Three Brothers so it can be useful to get a second thought on whichever answer you decide upon. Likewise, this article will take you through everything you need to know about what Governmental body preceded the Ministry of Magic in Hogwarts Legacy.

Governmental Body Preceding Ministry of Magic in Hogwarts Legacy

The answer to this question is The Wizards’ Council and you will be able to select this option when asked the question by Sophronia. The Ministry of Magic did indeed come after The Wizards’ Council stopped in the year 1707 at which point there was a disbanding of the council to then be made into the Ministry of Magic. Within Hogwarts Legacy, there are many moments when the Ministry of Magic is mentioned although the Wizards’ Council is notably talked about less.

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There is plenty of complex systems at work within both the Ministry of Magic and the Wizard’s Council at the time it was around. These two organizations have been vital in keeping the magic community safe and well-maintained over the years.

Are There Any Other Questions Based on the Ministry of Magic?

Yes, there is one other question based on the Ministry of Magic again in the quiz and this is about who was the first Minister of Magic. This would be someone named Ulick Gamp and you will be able to retain the knowledge of this person in order to prepare you for the next quiz Sophronia gives to you.

Now that you have the answer you need, you can get back to completing the quizzes and start finding beautiful creatures such as a unicorn in the Wizarding World in no time. There is always something to do in Hogwarts Legacy and this quiz is just one of the fun trivia moments in the experience.

- This article was updated on February 16th, 2023