What is The Veil in Destiny 2?

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by Amitesh Dhar
Image: Bungie

The Veil has been talked about a lot in Destiny 2. According to the information available, this is the artifact that Savathun hid on Neomuna, and this is what The Witness is after. But what does this artifact do? And why is it so important?

Everything We Know About The Veil in Destiny 2

Over the years, there have been a lot of subtle references to this artifact in the game. In fact, we also know what it looks like. Up until now, we’ve heard about this artifact multiple times. The very first time was when the Worm Familiar spoke to us during the mission called “Parasite” in the Witch Queen expansion. At the end of the mission, this creature tells us about Savathun’s greatest deception. Of how she tricked The Witness and hid this artifact on Neomuna.

Osiris also tells us about this artifact once he wakes up from his coma. He’s seen the same in his visions, and this is later confirmed by Rasputin. In his final message to us, he tells us that the city from Osiris’ visions is true. This is what his final message to us is:

“The Neptunian city in Osiris’s visions is real. I do not know it’s exact location but it is home to The Veil, an object of immense paracausal power. One that is directly linked to the Traveler.”

Image: Bungie

So from the above message, we know that this artifact is directly linked to the Traveler. We also know what it looks like because we’ve seen it thrice. The Veil was first seen inside the Lunar Pyramid. A similar structure was also seen in at the end of the Garden of Salvation raid. And in recent times, a third structure resembling The Veil was seen in the Deep Stone Crypt in Destiny 2.

Although Rasputin was able to decrypt some information pertaining to this artifact, someone deleted a major part of the files because they wanted to keep it a secret. The identity of this individual is unknown.

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What Does This Artifact Do?

What this artifact does is currently unclear. However, given that it’s directly related to the Traveler, there’s a high chance that whoever has this will be able to gain some form of control over the Light. Moreover, the statue that was found within the Deep Stone Crypt, Clovis Bray referred to it as Clarity. His experiments with this allowed him to create Alkahest, and in turn Exos.

Keeping that in mind, there was a point where The Veil in Destiny 2 was believed to be a hostile race. However, we’ve barely heard of a new hostile race all this while. Now, we know that the Traveler can create Ghosts who in turn raise fallen individuals and turn them into Lightbearers. On the same note, since the Veil is something that is related to the Great Machine, it could possess similar powers. The Witness is probably looking for this artifact so that he can create his own set of Darkness-bearers, finally creating the race known as “The Veil” in Destiny 2.

This, however, is all speculation for now. With Lightfall just a few days away, we’ll know more about the artifact and the Witness’ intentions once the expansion goes live.

- This article was updated on February 24th, 2023