When Should You Promote Units in Fire Emblem Engage

Get the most out of your fighters.

by J.R. Waugh
Fire Emblem Engage Promote Units
Image: Intelligent Systems

Fire Emblem Engage is the latest new game in the long-running franchise and has a deep, compelling class system. Deciding when to promote your units in Fire Emblem Engage is a tricky decision, despite older games having a more foregone conclusion. Chances are, you’ve gotten your first Master Seal or Second Seal and are debating whether to use it right away or wait until your character maxes out at level 20. It’s important to consider the benefits of your options, and how it affects you in the long term.

Fire Emblem Engage Class Change Tips: When to Promote Your Units

It’s generally reasonable to promote your units anytime after they reach level 10 thanks to the presence of Second Seals. This has been the case since Fire Emblem Awakening, where you can keep growing their stats even when changing to a new base class. It also gives you access to class skills you can learn faster, enabling you to round out your characters such as Reforge for defensive supporters or Merciless for when you go on the offensive. It’s encouraged to use Second Seals when applicable, especially after Chapter 18, to maximize individual characters’ potential.

Image: Intelligent Systems

You should also consider that promoting your characters often gives a Mov bonus, which can give you an inherent edge on the battlefield. But it also doesn’t hurt to level your character to 20 before promoting, as you’ll retain overall greater growth after the class change, it’s just more time-consuming.

When Should You Use Second Seals in FE Engage?

If you’re looking to change your base class altogether to grow your stats, it’s especially important to do so ASAP. If you go too late changing with Second Seals you’ll have characters hitting their ceilings too early, having to wait until promotion to feel like they’re getting stronger again. Remember though, this is based on whether you want your characters to perform as strongly as possible. If you simply want to enjoy the game and promote your units when you feel they’re ready, the game equips you to do exactly that.

Fire Emblem Engage released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.

- This article was updated on January 27th, 2023