Where Does Resident Evil 4 Take Place?

Where is this terrifying village?

by Christian Bognar
Image: Capcom

With the upcoming remake of one of the best entries in the Resident Evil Franchise, Resident Evil 4, fans are getting hyped as the release date approaches. With the recent premiere of the Capcom Spotlight came the Chainsaw demo for the remake, and so far, people are impressed with what Capcom has in store. However, some questions have been raised about where the game occurs, in and outside of the Resident Evil world. We have the answer for you.

Where is the Location of Resident Evil 4?

The Resident Evil 4 story takes place in Spain, in a fictional village made up by the developers and not an actual place in the real world. That said, there are road signs throughout the original game that gives the village a nickname, such as “El Pueblo” and also “Valdelobos,” which means “The Valley of Wolves” in Spanish. Even if this place were real, you’d want to avoid visiting after playing the horror-filled game by the looks of it.

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From what we have seen in the demo, the locations will be the same as the original, although these road signs have yet to be spotted. With the dedication the team at Capcom is showing, fans can rest assured that the game will stay faithful to the original and will most likely place these signs naming the location in the final product.

Those interested in the upcoming remake should download and try the demo for themselves. In the past Resident Evil demo, specifically for Resident Evil VIII: Village, there was a time limit to complete it. The good news here is that Capcom has allowed the demo to have no time limit, so players will have plenty of time to complete it and play as many times as they would like leading up to the release date of March 24th. The demo may make you make the jump and pre-order.

- This article was updated on March 11th, 2023