Where to Find Ability Shield in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Keep your Pokemon strong with this item

by Christian Bognar

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the newest addition to the famous franchise, has made it easier than ever to find items in the world. This accessibility stems from the idea that you can purchase many of these items from in-game stores within towns of the Paldea Region. You will surely want to get your hands on a new item called the Ability Shield. It can add a significant level of defense to your party by preventing opponents from stripping your Pokemon of their special abilities. Keep reading if you are interested in finding the exact location of the Ability Shield.

Location of Ability Shield in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

If held by a Pokemon, the Ability Shield will protect the user against Switcheroo, Trick, and Worry Seed. All these attacks strip your Pokemon’s special ability, which can put you in a pickle during a tough battle, so it’s wise to prevent this.

The good news is that this item is easy to find as long as you have enough cash to pay for it. Located in Mesagoza, a store called Delibird Presents offers the item for a large sum of 20,000 Poke Dollars. If you find yourself short on cash, try to battle as many Pokemon trainers as possible in Paldea Region, since winning these fights will grant you money quickly.

The image below shows you the exact location of Delibird Presents that holds the Ability Shield. Click on Battle Items in the store menu and scroll until you see the option to buy the Ability Shield.


Delibird Presents is a store located in most of the towns around the Paldea Region, and each has unique items. One has the Thunder Stone for Pikachu, and another features the Metal Coat that boosts specific attacks. The Chansey Supply Shop is also great for buying items, especially Vitamins, that will grant you significant boosts for your Pokemon. Keep in mind that players can only purchase some Vitamins if they have a certain amount of badges, so it’s wise to defeat gym leaders before you make the trip!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on November 30th, 2022

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