Where To Get Chimaera Wings In Dragon Quest Treasures

Need some extra help getting home? Find out how to get the Chimaera Wing item in Dragon Quest Treasures!

by Shaun Cichacki

As players begin their treasure-hunting journey in Dragon Quest Treasures, they’ll find familiar items and monsters awaiting them at every corner. From the familiar Slimes that serve as fodder, to the overwhelming Sabercat that can ruin a moment quickly, gamers will need to ensure they have a backup plan in case things get a little too rough.

Thankfully, the Chimaera Wing is an excellent item that can bring a player straight back to their base with no penalty to their treasures. Obtaining these items can turn into a hunt of their own, however, especially if players don’t know how to get their hands on them. Thankfully, they’re easier to find than originally anticipated, but be prepared to put some work in to get some in the reserves.

How To Get Chimaera Wings In Dragon Quest Treasures

The Chimaera Wing is a returning item in this spin-off title, giving players the ability to warp back to the main base without losing any of the items that they have obtained on their adventure. Normally, to get back onto the base, players will need to backtrack to the train system and hitch a ride back to the station on their main island.

This can be quite a daunting task, especially if a player has found themselves deeper into the location of their choosing than originally anticipated. However, after receiving a Chimaera Wing for free before setting out on the adventure of a lifetime with the character of their choice, players will need to scavenge and find more for their own.

Completing Side-Quests that are abundantly thrown out is not only an easy way to earn recruitment items, but also these special items. Checking the Quest option in the standard pause menu will give players the chance to see not only what they have to do, but what rewards they’ll be able to earn from completing these quests.

For those hoping to stock up, this is going to be one of the easiest ways to obtain these special items. Players may also be able to find them around the world as a Rare Drop, so don’t expect to farm these items quickly or easily. The final option that players will have to obtain Chimaera Wings is first completing the game, and then purchasing them from vendors for a total of 100,000 Gold per wing.

Since this title does offer a fair amount of content, grabbing as many Chimaera Wings as possible will give players the freedom they deserve to explore these islands at their own pace. Alongside the general relaxed vibe that this title gives off, the search for treasure and riches can be amplified to untold heights by keeping a few of these Chimaera Wings on your person at all times.

Dragon Quest Treasures is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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