Why Does P-3 Keep Saying ‘Crispy Critters’ in Atomic Heart?

Are you crisping up those critters?

by Gordon Bicker
A robot selling ice cream in Atomic Heart.
Image: Mundfish

Atomic Heart has plenty of interesting dialogue to say the least, although some of it can be more intriguing than others — one term being ‘Crispy Critters’ said by P-3. While you are busy working hard to upgrade your weapons during the game, you will hear this phrase said in a variety of colorful ways. This article will take you through what we know about the meaning of Crispy Critters in Atomic Heart.

What Does ‘Crispy Critters’ Mean in Atomic Heart

There is no specific meaning known at the moment about what ‘Crispy Critters’ actually relates to in the game. The main character tends to use this phrase throughout many moments in the game so it is no surprise why everyone has been trying to work out what it means. Some have been noting the fact that there was a box of cereal in 1963 named Crispy Critters but that shouldn’t exist in the game world yet.

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Unless there was an alternate timeline or universe where this box of cereal made an appearance before, P-3’s usage of the Crispy Critters term just seems very random. It almost acts as a catchphrase for the protagonist but no matter how crispy your enemies may burn — those Crispy Critter phrases will just keep on coming.

Has ‘Crispy Critters’ Been a Popular Term in the Real World?

No, this game seems to have been many people’s first exposure to the term if it was ever used often in the past. It is much more likely that it is simply just a filler phrase that the developers have added to make sure the character sounds unique. It can be extremely entertaining at points to listen to this phrase thrown around like a tennis ball back and forth from P-3’s thoughts.

It’s almost as though P-3 cannot wait to get to say the phrase again at times with how fast he speaks within various moments. It’s not just the mouse acceleration you have to worry about — it’s the acceleration of talking speed during the dialogue you will be focusing on.

- This article was updated on February 23rd, 2023