Why Should You Cheer for Your Party In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? The Purpose of Cheering

Get by with a little help from your friends!

by Kara Phillips

Cheering was initially implemented into Dynamax Raids in Pokemon Sword and Shield, so it’s only appropriate for the new tradition to make its way over to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for the newly introduced Tera Raids. But while cheering was never covered in detail as to why players should do it in the previous generation, many trainers are left to question why the mechanic is relevant enough to carry across, so if you’re stuck for the reasons why you should show your party and teammates as much support as possible in the ninth generation, read on.

Why is Cheering in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Important?

Players will be able to cheer for their Pokemon and their teammates during Tera Raids and Black Crystal Tera Raids throughout Scarlet and Violet. In doing so, there is a potential to provide yourself and your teammates with a few buffs and boosts when necessary. But, of course, the most beneficial thing players will benefit from when cheering for their team will be an increase in their Pokemon’s Stats. So, cheering your party on might provide a well-needed attack boost if you’re facing a particularly tough Tera opponent.

You can do three types of cheers during Tera Raid Battles, all boosting the status of your active Pokemon. The first will increase your Attack and Sp. Atk, the second will boost your Defense and Sp. Def and the last focuses on the HP of your Pokemon. However, your trainer won’t cheer alongside your Pokemon completing a turn, so you must prioritize cheering or using your turn. Since up to four players can participate in Tera Raids, there is ample opportunity for everyone’s Pokemon to receive extra help. Cooperation is vital, after all. However, you will only be able to cheer three times during a Raid, so use them wisely.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will release on Nintendo Switch on November 18.

- This article was updated on November 9th, 2022

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