Why Your Heat Gauge Might Not Be Building in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Turn up the heat once again while exploring Kyo!

by Marc Magrini

Players will find themselves in many perilous battles while exploring Like a Dragon: Ishin! To survive these battles, fans need to make use of every tool they have, from their different styles to powerful heat actions. Unfortunately, some players might find themselves without any heat to spare, crippling their effectiveness in battle. It’s not a bug or some unfortunate story event — the reason heat isn’t building up in Like a Dragon: Ishin! is actually quite simple.

Why Heat Isn’t Building Up and How to Fix it in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

If you find yourself without a buildup of heat, then there’s a high chance that you’ve explored the game beyond its numerous story events. It’s particularly easy to stumble into various substories in Ishin, with a few of them offering unique equipment. One piece of equipment is the Tranquil Towel found by completing the final Ee Ja Nai Ka substory. Despite the fairly high defense it offers, the Tranquil Towel prevents your heat from rising.

If you find yourself without heat, it’s possible that you simply equipped the Tranquil Towel earlier on for its defensive benefits. Its heat-preventing capabilities can be found by checking the item in your equipment. A crossed-out fire symbol means equipping it will prevent your heat from charging. This quality isn’t easily found on other pieces of equipment, making it somewhat unique to the towel.

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Luckily, simply keeping the towel in your inventory won’t prevent your heat from building. Additionally, it might be helpful to equip the towel in certain situations, as it will allow you to perform basic attacks without accidentally triggering heat actions. It will still make certain abilities useless, preventing you from using the full power of strong items like those found in the DLC. But you should try to keep the Tranquil Towel on-hand if no amount of heat will get you past a tough foe.

- This article was updated on February 22nd, 2023