Will Diablo 4 Beta Character Settings Carry Over to Full Release?

Can you continue your game in June?

by Christian Bognar
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

What a weekend it was for those who got to play the early access to Diablo 4! The most recent addition to Blizzard Entertainment’s long-running franchise has been met with mostly positive reactions, and players can’t wait for the open beta to start next week. Those who get the chance to play during the beta may wonder, “will my character settings carry over?” This guide has the answer for you.

Will Character Progression in Diablo 4 Carry Over to Full Release?

The good news is the character settings from early access, including stats, armor, and skills, will all carry over to the open beta when it begins on the upcoming weekend of March 24th. That said, all character settings will disappear once the open beta is over and will not carry over to the final version of Diablo 4. In other words, players must start from scratch when June comes around.

Still, having the ability to continue with your current character during open beta should give players plenty of time to reach level 25—the level cap for the beta. If not, players can always adjust the difficulty setting by heading to the statue of Inarius to help get to the maximum level.

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Although your progress will carry over to this weekend’s open beta, it is recommended that you try all the classes the game offers. Early access only consisted of Rogue, Barbarian, and Sorcerer classes, while open beta will include all five, including both Druid and Necromancer. Trying out each will give you a good understanding of all that Diablo 4 offers and should prepare you for its official release.

As you get hyped for the upcoming open beta, check out our picks for the best Solo classes in the game. These are ranked depending on how well they play for solo playthroughs and usually focus on melee attacks considering ranged attacks can get overwhelming and typically require a teammate.

- This article was updated on March 20th, 2023

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