Marvel’s Avengers Players Have to Reset Campaign Progress to Fix Crashing Bug on PS5

Reassemble right from the beginning all over again.

by Diego Perez


UPDATE: Crystal Dynamics has released a patch that fixes the crashing bug on PS5. The original story continues below.

A new crashing bug is affecting the PS5 version of Marvel’s Avengers, and the developer-provided workaround involves deleting players’ campaign save data and resetting their story mode progress in order to keep playing. Crystal Dynamics’ live service take on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is no stranger to controversy, releasing to lukewarm reviews and receiving a fair amount of fan backlash post-launch for a lack of communication, a slow update schedule, new bugs popping up, and all sorts of issues.

These issues are normally fixed quite quickly (although the content drought is still a problem), and now a new crashing bug has popped up for PS5 players. The Marvel’s Avengers March update completely reworked the game’s onboarding system, adding Nick Fury to the game and redesigning the War Table system used to select missions.

A handful of other quality of life changes were added as well, such as adjustments to perks and checkpoints for the Wakanda raid, but this patch introduced a crashing bug that only impacts PS5 owners. Crystal Dynamics shared a workaround for the issue, but the cost is quite drastic.

In order to temporarily solve the PS5 crashing bug in Marvel’s Avengers, players must reset their single-player campaign progress entirely. After starting a new game and stepping into the shoes of a young Kamala Khan during the A-Day prologue mission, they can then close the game and proceed into the Avengers Initiative multiplayer mode without any issues. Most Avengers players are long done with the campaign at this point, but it’s a strange and drastic workaround for a glitch that came seemingly out of nowhere.

Marvel’s Avengers has been on a slow upswing these past few months, and this onboarding rework update was supposed to be a foundational patch that laid the groundwork for future content updates. It’s a shame that Crystal Dynamics can’t seem to avoid issues like these popping up every now and again, and these bugs don’t do much to help the game’s already dire public appearance. Hopefully, the crashing issue will be fixed soon and Marvel’s Avengers players can get back into the superhero grind as they await the next upcoming addition to the roster.

Still, Avengers still hasn’t received its 2022 roadmap, leading many players worried about the state of this live service Marvel game. Because of its poor critical and commercial performance, many people are wondering how long the game will continue to be supported with new updates and heroes. Crystal Dynamics is supposedly still committed to supporting the game, but with a roadmap nowhere to be seen as we enter April, things aren’t looking great.

Marvel’s Avengers is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

- This article was updated on April 1st, 2022

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