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Nintendo 3DS Web Portal Opens, Shows Nothing

by Bill Hess


Nintendo’s official web portal for the Nintendo 3DS has gone live.  There’s not much to see there other than a glossy pic of the Nintendo 3DS, but you might want to bookmark it for further reference.  Coming in 2011, the 3DS web portal should get a big update after it’s January 19th unveil in Amsterdam.

You don’t really need to wait all that long to find out what’s coming UK’ers.  Nintendo World showed off alot of details for the device.

Nintendo System Specs were revealed late last week. Games like Starfox, Kid Icarus, Resident Evil, Paper Mario, Street FIghter IV, Dead or Alive, Legend of Zelda, BlazBlue, and many others have already been revealed.  Nintendo also noted that it’s a possibility that you will get your hands on the device with 4 million approximated to be sold by end of March 2011.

The only thing to be on the lookout for is that concrete release date.

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