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New ‘Only on PlayStation’ Sale on European PS Store

by Jose Belmonte


European users of PlayStation consoles have got the opportunity starting today of getting some of the hottest exclusives for their platform at a very special price, with the new PS Store sale being focused on games that are not available in other consoles. And that’s not all, as the sale also includes the DLC of those titles, which makes it a very good oportunity to extend the experience if you already got the main game.

The list of titles included in this sale include recent releases like Horizon: Zero Dawn – Complete Edition, Gran Turismo Sport, or the entirety of the Uncharted series, which goes from the very first game remastered for PS4 to the recent Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. There are also some titles for PSVR, like Farpoint, or PlayStation VR Worlds.

Those waiting the upcoming May release of Detroit: Become Human might want to catch up with the previous works of the developer like Beyond: Two Souls or Heavy Rain. Also if you just got Bloodborne through PS Plus, know that you can purchase the Old Hunters DLC expansion or the complete edition of the game at a lower price.

Other minor productions from the list are Alienation, Hidden Agenda, Journey, Loco Roco, or Patapon. Plus, some PS2 classics like the Jak & Daxter collection, Dark Cloud and its sequel, or Wild Arms 3. Aside from this selection, Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Zombies Chronicles Edition is offered as the Deal of the Week.

Head over to the European PlayStation Blog to check out the full list of titles.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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