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[RUMOR] Hideo Kojima Has Left Konami

by William Schwartz


In a move that’s surprised absolutely no-one, Hideo Kojima has finally cut ties with Konami and his studio, Kojima Productions. The report comes from The New Yorker, who claim that Kojima’s last day was on Friday, October 9th. An attendee at the leaving party described it as “a rather cheerful but also emotional goodbye.” According to the anonymous respondent, Konami’s president and CEO were not present at the event, but Kojima’s various colleagues both past and present were.

Kojima’s departure had been rumored as early as March of this year, following reports of disagreements with Konami. What exactly caused the rift between both parties is still an unknown quantity, but the aforementioned report cites a source that claims that the expense needed to make Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was a factor (this isn’t the first we’ve heard that particular rumor either).

As for Kojima himself? Well, he recently vowed to “keep creating” for the rest of his life. Although we know not to expect him to return to Metal Gear anytime soon, the possibilities remain endless, with a potential partnership with Guillermo Del Toro in the works.

And if you’ve not played Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, you should! We loved Kojima’s send-off to Metal Gear, calling it the best-looking and best-playing game in the entire series.

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