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Socom 4 Beta Access included in Killzone 3

PlayStation 3 Fans have a lot to look forward to next month with Killzone 3. Not only are you gonna finally get your hands on the the awesomeness that will be Killzone 3, but if you pick up the right copy you will get access to the SOCOM 4 beta at an undetermined date in the future.

Xbox 360 Update 1-19

If you turn your Xbox 360 on today and connect to Xbox Live you will be prompted for a system update. Today's update includes a couple of new features, one which was an old feature that is coming back due to popular demand.

PS4 and Xbox 720 Games Will Cost $100

If Microsoft (Xbox 720) and Sony (PS4) both announced new consoles that would be arriving in the near future, one developer thinks the industry would be in big trouble. A recent interview with THQ's Danny Bilson shed light on the heavy costs associated with game development.

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