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Nintendo May Launch Super Nintendo Mini According to Report


While Nintendo quietly discontinued the NES Classic Edition across the globe this month, it appears that they could be readying another launch of a retro console set for later this year.   The Super Nintendo Mini could be hitting store shelves for a holiday release if a report from Eurogamer turns out to be true.

The site’s source for the information says that the console will be ready for Christmas, and that development is already underway.

It wouldn’t be a huge surprise if the rumor turns out to be true.  The NES Classic Edition was one of the most sought after items last year, with many consumers unable to find one at retail.  Flocking to the secondary markets like Ebay and Amazon, The NES Classic sold for outrageous prices at times.

Perhaps Nintendo won’t make the same manufacturing mistakes with the Super Nintendo Mini, but the company does seem to have a penchant for making far less of their most sought after products.

There are other problems that Nintendo may have needed to correct with the NES Classic as well.  Shortly after the micro-console made its way to market, the NES Classic was hacked.  This allowed owners to put ROMS on the console, essentially bypassing Nintendo’s 30 pre-installed games and adding their own from the internet.  Apparently, the NES Classic had so much additional storage space that owners willing to risk hacking it could double the library of games on the device.

Earlier this year, we listed our Top 10 Games Nintendo Needs to Include in a SNES Classic Edition, hoping that they would indeed continue the trend of releasing micro-versions of their old hardware.

- This article was updated on:March 9th, 2018

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