All New Horror and Thriller Movies on Netflix in March 2023

New month, new movies to watch.

by Gabriel Rodrigues
Kill Boksoon

Looking to expand your neverending watchlist? Every month, Netflix adds a new batch of movies, documentaries, and shows that’ll get us glued to our screens. It’s always good news when you find out one of your favorites or something you’ve been dying to watch has been added, so let’s check out all new horror and thriller movies on Netflix on March 2023.

Best Horror and Thriller Movies Coming to Netflix in March 2023

Sadly, Netflix isn’t giving us a lot of new horror movies this month, but with so many interesting features and series coming out, let’s hope that the following months are better in that aspect. Though we still have some interesting projects this month, like Luther: The Fallen Sun and Kill Boksoon. Which of them are you going to watch?

World War Z (March 7)

Who has never seen the scene with the zombie jumping over the wall? World War Z sees Brad Pitt having to save his family and investigate the cause of a zombie apocalypse. The frenetic action scenes and pacing of the movie create a nice spectacle to follow and get you really excited, even though the story isn’t as strong.

Luther: The Fallen Sun (March 10)

A highly anticipated continuation of the drama series Luther will give us a new chance to see the titular character going after the serial killer ruining his life. Luther decides to break out of prison to hunt and end the cyber psychopath once and for all. Also, no one needs to watch it to know that, no matter what, Idris Elba will be incredible in this.

Pitch Black (March 16)

Clearly inspired by Alien and other similar movies, Pitch Black is the gripping thriller movie starring Vin Diesel that started the Riddick franchise. From March 16 on, you will be able to watch the whole movie series on Netflix and prepare yourself for the fourth movie coming out sometime soon.

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Noise (March 17)

While investigating a local accident, Matt discovers a dark secret from his father’s past. And, as he dives deeper, he finds himself in a web of more secrets and family dramas. The Belgian movie is a Netflix-exclusive feature thriller centered around Matt’s family and how the secrets in their town will affect them.

In His Shadow (March 17)

The French drama and thriller movie follows two half-brothers who find themselves on different sides of a violent and tragic conflict after their father’s death. The event will put them against each other and other people involved in their father’s life.

Kill Boksoon (March 31)

Gil Boksoon is an unmatched and renowned professional killer having to deal with a threat coming from her own agency and the relationship with her teenage daughter. The director, Byun Sung-hyun, always produces enjoyable and skilled action scenes, so this movie will surely be another great example of that. Kill Boksoon is probably a good watch for those also excited to check out the new John Wick this month.

- This article was updated on March 1st, 2023