All Confirmed and Leaked Characters in Gotham Knights

Who will be in Gotham Knights?

by Noah Nelson


Gotham Knights is shaping up to be the next exciting Gotham game, but this time it will feature some brand new playable characters and enemies to defeat. Though more information is bound to come out on all of the characters in Gotham Knights, we have a pretty good idea of who we can expect already. Here are all of the revealed and leaked characters in Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights Heroes

Gotham Knights takes place after the death of Batman and Commissioner Gordon. With Gotham’s main protectors gone, new heroes/vigilantes will need to step up and protect Gotham from evil-doers. Here are the four playable characters in Gotham Knights:

  • Batgirl – Barbara Gordon
  • Night Wing – Dick Greyson
  • Robin – Tim Drake
  • Red Hood – Jason Todd

Gotham Knights Villains

Of course, if there are new heroes there needs to be new villains. Here are all of the villains, confirmed and rumored, coming to Gotham Knights:

  • Mr. Freeze (Confirmed)
  • Penguin (Confirmed)
  • The Court of Owls (Confirmed)
  • Talia Al Ghul (Rumored)
  • Poison Ivy (Rumored)
  • Huntress (Rumored)
  • Scarecrow (Rumored)
  • Joker (Rumored)

Though we don’t know who is in the Court of Owls group or who runs it, we do know that the story of Gotham Knights will center around the Court of Owls. As for the rest of the familiar Gotham villains, it is yet to be confirmed who is coming to the fight.

Other Gotham Knights Characters

As far as other characters go, we don’t have much. Here are the other characters that are in Gotham Knights:

  • Police Captain Renee Maria Montoya
  • Tons of goons

And that is all of the characters that we know of coming to Gotham Knights. If you want to pre-order the Deluxe Edition and get the Beyond Suitstyle for the main characters or if you want to see the PC requirements or consoles the game is coming to, check out our Gotham Knights page for more.

Gotham Knights will be available on October 25th, 2022, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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