Diablo 4 Will Avoid Immortal’s Monetization Problems According to Blizzard

Easing off From the Gacha Payment Models of Diablo Immortal.

by Weilong Mao


Diablo 4 is said to steer clear of the monetization models seen in overabundance in its free-to-play counterpart, Diablo Immortal. If the words of Blizzard staff members are to be believed. The game’s future was once in speculation as of the Microsoft acquisition of Activision Blizzard that occurred back in January, back when people wondered about the likelihood of Diablo 4 becoming Microsoft Exclusive as a result. Such concerns were quickly dashed following the announcement made by Blizzard this month, assuring players that the game is still coming to Sony platforms.

The company was quick to follow up such announcements with the release of new gameplay footage and trailers. One, in particular, features the return of the well-known player class of Necromancer to the roster of characters that players can pick and choose from on their journies across the hellscape of Diablo 4. All of the above materials were accompanied by the expectations of a 2023 release window, suggesting that players won’t have to wait too long before they could get their hands on the game.

Players with concerns regarding the recent free-to-play models that were put in place for Diablo Immortal quickly took to inquiring Blizzard about the monetization plans that they have for Diablo 4. The result of microtransactions in Diablo Immortal undergoing heavy scrutiny by players within the Blizzard community and critics who suspect manipulative game design.

Adam Fletcher, the global community lead for the Diablo series responds to such concerns, stating that Diablo 4 will be released as a retail-priced game with plenty of content, that monetizes using cosmetics and eventually game expansions.

It’s interesting to note that the staff took great care to elaborate on the Diablo 4 experience being one made for PC and console players as opposed to Diablo Immortal, a game seemingly ported over to PC as a later thought following the 2018 Blizzcon scandal. But it is also necessary to consider the staff has not offered any definitives answers, instead he asks players to be patient for future information regarding microtransactions and monetization models for the game at a later date.

As of currently, it is difficult to ascertain with confidence that Diablo 4 will not venture down the same path that Diablo Immortal took, Blizzard hasn’t given their thought entirely on the matter, and Immortal just recently came out.

Objectively speaking, it is a question of the revenue that Diablo Immortal will end up accumulating in the months leading to Diablo 4’s release that will decide the financial planning for Diablo as a series going forward. If the revenue proves good enough, Diablo 4 might lean harder on the aspects of Diablo Immortal that have proven financially beneficial, for better or worse to potential consumers.

Diablo IV is scheduled to release in 2023 for Xbox Series X/SXbox OnePlayStation 4PlayStation 5and PC.

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