Massive Splatoon 3 Story Leaks Are All Over the Internet

A Barrage of Spoiler-Filled Ink Bombs Thrown Around the Net

by Weilong Mao


Quite the extent of story leaks exists across the internet already for the game Splatoon 3, and it possibly all began with players who have gotten their hands on the game earlier than its intended release date. The Nintendo Third Person Shooter made in-house is soon to reach its actual release date just in a couple of days, with the company keeping its social media momentum via Twitter posts and the Splatfest Premiere Demo. The game looks to be the biggest Splatoon title yet with its additions and modifications of game modes, accompanied by a larger array of selectable weapons.

The story aspects of Splatoon tend to take the second stage in terms of play length compared to the competitive or cooperative multiplayer modes that the series features. However, the conflict between the Inklings and Octarians throughout the franchise has proven successful at creating an intriguing mythos that is more than capable of roping in the players that have perused the story contents available across the past two entries. A partial reason why people were as happy with the Octo Expansion that was released for Splatoon 2 back in the day when Octolings became playable for the first time.

Due to such interest in the plot, a good amount of players have stayed away from social media platforms due to the leakers running amok for Splatoon 3. There doesn’t seem to be a singular source to which the leak can be attributed, but it can be assumed that either the game files are out in the public, as this post would suggest, or that the game has gone out early ahead of the retailer embargo.

Depending on what the initial cause of the leaks was, it might be necessary once again for Nintendo to take another glimpse at the security measures that it has in place. If the leaks came to be as a result of data breaches, then the company needs to address the loophole before leaks ramp up in intensity,  like the Nintendo data leak of 2020. On the other hand, if this was the result of retailers breaking the embargo date and giving the game out earlier to select consumers, it is more than likely that the game files were extracted than decoded that way using existing physical copies.

Regardless of what the reasons were, the average player is likely to suffer the repercussion of such leaks unless they exercise caution and stay away from places like YouTube, Twitter, and relevant subReddits where relevant leaks have been given time and room to circulate among interested gaming audiences.

Splatoon 3 is set to release on the 9th of September, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.


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