MultiVersus Batman Mains Have Great News to Look Forward To

You will no longer have to fear using your side-special.

by Elliott Gatica


Batman mains, rejoice! It seems as if his grappling hook move will no longer lead us to an early stock loss in combat! For those out of the loop, Batman has had a rather silly interaction where his side-special, the Bat-Grapple, would make him travel at great speeds and sometimes fling him right out of the map. Anyone who despised fighting against him is probably in shambles knowing that this will be fixed.

He was a character who slowly crept up the power rankings so far in MultiVersus, getting some major buffs from the closed beta to the open beta. The only thing holding Mr. Wayne back was that his grappling hook was a death trap. One wrong hook and you can easily reverse the tide you so desperately turned.

His grappling hook is somewhat a staple for this bruiser character. With his Batarang being one of his better horizontal options and requiring a cooldown, the side-special was his next best option. Although already easy to counter, it was also a means of good off-stage recovery. It was just unfortunate that it was a gamble to use that move.

This is just one of many fixes made to a character in the game who has experienced some form of improper interactions with moves. In the past, such fixes were made to characters like Iron Giant, who, not only is on the community’s hot seat right now for nerfs but also has very exploitable hitbox interactions where he can rack up tons of damage in a matter of seconds.

Another character who may need their side-specials looked at is Arya Stark. Her Knife-Thrower ability is also a death trap if it falls off-stage. One mis-input after her throw can easily take her down a stock. While her opponents might like that, it’s just another kink waiting to be ironed out. Soon, and hopefully, she’ll also join the Batman mains in MultiVersus for not being a self-destructive character.

Also, be patient when it comes to character fixes and balancing. Player First Games has a small team and can only catch so much, hence the game being in a beta phase as opposed to a full release. So far, things are mostly working with a few needed changes coming our way in the near future. Hopefully, after EVO concludes and we get closer to the launch of Season One, we’ll get a better idea of what to expect for character changes like we’re already getting through the game director’s Twitter.

MultiVersus is out now for open beta on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series consoles, and PC.

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