All Game Modes in Undisputed

Is anything major missing from the Early Access launch of Undisputed?

by Shaun Cichacki

Undisputed has finally come out swinging, and those looking for a new champion of multiplayer game nights may finally have a winner. Alongside the ability to choose from countless Legendary Boxers that have changed the game, players will also get a chance to partake in plenty of different game modes.

But, since this title is still in Early Access, which modes will players be able to jump right into, and which modes will they need to wait until they’re ready to come out of the locker room? Let’s lace up our gloves and find out which options are ring ready, and which need a little more training time before they’re ready for the spotlight.

All Currently Available Game Modes In Undisputed

With this game finally available to the public, there are a fair number of game modes that are ready to roll out of the door, but some of the most important still need some time in the oven before they’re ready to make their professional debut. That being said, gamers that are jumping into this Early Access title will have immediate access to these game modes:

  • Quick Fight
  • Prize Fights
  • Online
  • News
  • Local Quick Fight
  • Local Prize Fights
  • Training
  • Online Quick Fight
  • Join Online Fight
  • Ranked Online Fights
  • Create Online Lobby
  • Online Leaderboard

However, there are a few important modes that need a bit before they’re ready to go, including the following:

  • Store
  • Career

While there may be much less missing from the game than there is currently available, the Career mode is one of the most important, especially for those that want to rise to the top of the food chain in their weight class of choice. With the ability to Create a Boxer, players can put themselves or any other celebrity up against a world champion of their choosing. Now, let’s get ready to rumble!

Undisputed is available now in Early Access on PC. It will be available later on Consoles.

- This article was updated on January 31st, 2023