All Hero Legendary Skins in Overwatch 2

Counting the Numbers of One’s Expensive Skin Collection.

by Weilong Mao


Browsing across the expansive selection of legendary skins can prove daunting in Overwatch 2, considering the countless amounts of legacy skins that would have carried over from the original Overwatch to its sequel. Potentially the cause of Blizzard’s issues transferring skins over from their old game. Unlocking new skins for their favorite character is a crucial aspect of the old Overwatch player experience and what ensures the game’s profitability, and nothing better makes note of such by going through the list of new and old legendary skins that have existed across the series.

Every Legendary Hero Skin in Overwatch 2

Except for new heroes introduced in Overwatch 2 like Kiriko, all of the old returning rosters of characters have had their fair share of skin releases that is related to seasonal or commemorative occasions, due to this, even just a list of all the legendary skins that exist in Overwatch 2 will prove to be lengthy. The best way would be to outline a list grouped by hero roles, with attackers split into two tables. With that said, players are free to Ctrl+F their way through the legendary skin tables for Overwatch 2 below.

Tank Heroes

D.VA Doomfist Junker Queen Orisa Reinhardt Roadhog Sigma Winston Wrecking Ball Zarya
Junebug Spirit Circuit Breaker Immortal Blackhardt Toa Asylum Frogston Horizon Industrial
Junker Blackhand Wastelander Dynastinae Stonehardt Mako Subject Sigma Undersea Lunar Champion
Scavenger Caution Megasoma Crusader Junkenstein’s Monster Oracle Safari Junker Weightlifter
B.VA Irin Carbon Fiber Bloodhardt Butcher Prophet Yeti Mayham Barbarian
Black Cat Avatar Protector Lionhardt Islander Scuba Explorer Lucioball Arctic
Officer Karate Referee Greifhardt Sharkbait Flying Dutchman Catcher Jack-O-Lantern Siberian Front
Waveracer Swamp Monster Demon Gridironhardt Lacrosse Rime Werewolf Snowman Cybergoth
Shin-Ryeong Jotunn Reindeer Draugr Ice Fisherman Wukong Submarine Totally 80’s
Sleighing Talon Bull Demon Conductor Bajie Specimen 28 Snowboarder
Palanquin Formal Null Sector Guan Yu Militia Gargoyle Xuanwu
Academy Gladiator Forest Spirit Wujing Noxious Polyanitsa
Cruiser Steelhardt Toxic Workout
Varsity Raynhardt Midas Cyberian
White Cat Alien

Damage Heroes

Ashe Bastion Cassidy Echo Genji Hanzo Junkrat Mei Pharah
Gangster Steambot Riverboat Stealth Sparrow Young Master Fool Firefighter Raptorion
Mobster Overgrown Mystery Man Butterfly Young Genji Kabuki Jester Abominable Security Chief
Jungle Antique Vigilante Camo Bedouin Young Hanzo Hayseed Mei-rry Asp
Safari Woodbot Mountain Man Moth Nomad Lone Wolf Scarecrow Ecopoint: Antarctica Mechaqueen
Poolside Gearbot Gambler Surf’s Up Oni Okami Dr. Junkenstein Rescue Mei Raindancer
Warlock Coffin Lifeguard Vampire Bat Kendoka Wave Krampus Yeti Hunter Thunderbird
Tiger Huntress Avalanche Van Helsing Kkachi Karasu-Tengu Dai-Tengu Cricket Sprinkles Lifeguard
Socialite Dragonfire Magistrate Good and Evil Ice Wraith Casual Beachrat Jiangshi Enchanted Armor
Little Red Gwishin Blackwatch Baihu Huang Zhong King Jamison Penguin Qinglong
Dune Buggy Deadlock Blackwatch Scion Bilgerat Chang’e Aviator
Stealth Sherlock Bushi Cyberninja Junkfood Luna Bedouin
Space Raider Demon Pajamei Mechatron
Genjiman Beekeeper Orbital
Sentai Honeydew Sky Centurion
Illidan Mm-Mei


Reaper Sojourn Soldier: 76 Sombra Symmetra Torbjorn Tracer Widowmaker
Nevermore Troop Commander Commando: 76 Augmented Vishkar Blackbeard T.Racer Odette
Plague Doctor Captain Chase Strike Commander Morrison Azucar Architech Santaclad Track and Field Odile
Mariachi Commando Night Ops: 76 Los Muertos Devi Magni Jingle Noire
Pumpkin Daredevil: 76 Cyberspace Goddess Chopper Slipstream Comtesse
Blackwatch Reyes Stunt Rider: 76 Tulum Mermaid Deadlock Punk Huntress
El Blanco Grillmaster: 76 Bride Dragon Barbarossa Ultraviolet Nova
Biker Slasher: 76 Rime Figure Skater Surf’n’Splash Mach T Cote D’Azur
Dracula Alpine: 76 Face Changer Magician Viking Sprinter Scorpion
Rat King Formal: 76 Talon Oasis Lumberjack Will-o’-Wisp Biathlon
Lu Bu Soldier: 1776 Black Cat Tyrande Zhang Fei Hong Gildong Black Lily
Soldier: 24 Cyborg: 76 Neon Cat Chief Engineer Lindholm Nezha Pale Serpent
Evermore Proteus: 76 Ironclad Cadet Oxton Mousquetaire
Masquerade Space Raider Cybjorn Cavalry Talon
Lion Luchador Graffiti Ange De La Mort
Tiger Luchador Tagged Kerrigan

Support Heroes

Ana Baptiste Brigitte Kiriko Lucio Mercy Moira Zenyatta
Captain Amari Desert Ops Mani Athleisure Hippityhop Devil Minister Ifrit
Wadjet Spec Ops Sol Sukajan Ribbit Witch Oasis Ra
Wasteland Buccaneer Engineer Hinotori Slapshot Sugar Plum Fairy Glam Sunyatta
Horus Pirate Mechanic Selecao Sigrun Moon Nutcracker
Cabana Tropical Feskarn Striker Valkyrie Banshee Toybot
Corsair Snowboarder Vampire Hunter Capoeira Imp Ice Empress Djinnyatta
Mummy Talon Opera Breakaway Winged Victory Mask Dancer Fastball
Snow Owl Arctic Ops Riot Police Satyr Seolbim Blackwatch Cultist
Sniper Funky Shieldmaiden Snow Fox Zhuque Scientist Sanzang
Night Owl Medic Samul Nori Combat Medic Ziegler Venus Zhuge Liang
Haroeris Equalizer Dragoon Huitzilopochtli
Jazzy Mage Zealot
Pink Clockwork

Omissions or Missing Legendary Skins in Overwatch 2

Cyber Demon is excluded from this list due to being a mythic tiered skin, a skin of higher rarity rewarded to the player for the completion of the Season 1 Battle Pass. Skins tied to the Overwatch League (OWLs) could also be missing from the general list that players will find in the skin section for each hero, with some OWL skins viewable only after being obtained.

Use the lists above as a starting reference for the number of legendary skins that exist in Overwatch 2, as its numbers will only increase as Blizzard starts heading down their Roadmap for Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

- This article was updated on October 7th, 2022

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