Skins Not Transferring to Overwatch 2? Here’s Why

Why are my Overwatch 1 skins missing in Overwatch 2?

by Noah Nelson


Some fans are not seeing their Overwatch 1 skins in Overwatch 2. If you’ve been playing Overwatch 1 from the very beginning and have a lot of extremely rare Legendary skins, it is upsetting and scary to think that they may be gone since Overwatch 1 is officially dead. Fear not, for we have the answers for you. Here is why your Overwatch 1 skins are missing in Overwatch 2.

Missing Overwatch 1 Skins in Overwatch 2, Explained

First off, if you find yourself missing your Overwatch 1 skins in Overwatch 2, make sure that you have transferred your Overwatch skins to Overwatch 2. Though Overwatch 2 should automatically have your Overwatch 1 skins, if you are playing on a different console, you need to link your account.

Since Overwatch 2 has cross-progression, all you need to do to have your Overwatch 1 skins in Overwatch 2 is go to your account, select Connections, and link all of the platforms you want to play Overwatch 2 on.

Once that is done, you also need to know that Blizzard has recognized the Overwatch 1 skins not transferring over to Overwatch 2 issue. They know that this issue is a bug and, since equipping cool skins like the Legendary Kiriko skin you can get from Twitch Drops are some of the only ways to show off your Overwatch 2 passion, Blizzard is working as fast as they can to fix this issue.

Take comfort in knowing that it isn’t something you are doing wrong and your Overwatch 1 skins are be lost forever. Give it a week or two and Blizzard will have a fix up and running.

While you wait for a patch, pass the time by checking out our Overwatch 2 guides like how to play the new Damage Hero, Sojourn, who the best defensive Heroes are, and much more. Visit our Overwatch 2 page.

Overwatch 2 is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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