All Competitive Ranks in Modern Warfare 2 Explained

See what Skill Ranking you'll need to be in MW2 to get up the leaderboard!

by Shaun Cichacki

Leveling up in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is one of the most important things that players can do. Not only will they unlock new weapons and tons of XP, but having the chance to show off to your friends is quite important, as well.

But, which ranks are available for gamers to earn, and what do they need to do to make this happen? Let’s dive into the Warzone and find out what players need to accomplish to unlock these special ranks, as well as what they may be able to unlock when they get to them finally.

All Competitive Ranks In Modern Warfare 2

Now that Ranked Mode is finally in the proper shape, gamers are jumping in droves to showcase their true power when it comes to this particular game option. For those that are ready to jump in and find out if they’ve got the right stuff, here are all of the Ranks available in Ranked Gameplay for MW2. Players will need to buff their Skill Ranking before earning these extra bits of flair.

Skill DivisionSR Requirements
Bronze0 to 899 SR
Silver900 to 2,099 SR
Gold2,100 to 3,599 SR
Platinum3,600 to 5,399 SR
Diamond5,400 to 7,499 SR
Crimson7,500 to 9,999 SR
Iridescent10,000 SR 

All Ranks And Rewards In Modern Warfare 2

As players continue racking up kills and win on the battlefield, they’ll have the ability to Rank Up, giving them not only some bragging rights but also some new items that they’ll be able to use on the field. Here are all of the ranks currently available in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Rank NameXP RequiredRewards
Private 10Emblems, Grenadier Class, First Recon Class, Overwatch Class, Titles
Private 2500Scout Sniper Class
Private 31,700Riot Control Class
Private First Class 13,600Create-A-Class, Weapons, Perks
Private First Class 26,200Challenges, Perks, Equipment
Private First Class 39,500Painkiller
Specialist 113,500Throwing Knife
Specialist 218,200SCAR-H
Specialist 323,600Hardline
Corporal 129,700Killstreak Unlock
Corporal 236,500Tactical Insertion
Corporal 344,300Vector
Staff Sergeant 185,500MG4
Staff Sergeant 298,300Scrambler
Staff Sergeant 3112,100AA-12
Sergeant First Class 1126,900Blast Shield
Sergeant First Class 2142,700TAR-21
Sergeant First Class 3159,500Bling
Master Sergeant 1177,300G18
Master Sergeant 2196,100Killstreak Unlock
Master Sergeant 3215,900P90
First Sergeant 1236,700Cold Blooded
First Sergeant 2258,500.44 Magnum
First Sergeant 3281,300Martyrdom
Sergeant Major 1305,100FAL
Sergeant Major 2329,900Ninja
Sergeant Major 3355,700Stinger
Command Sergeant Major 1382,700Claymore
Command Sergeant Major 2410,900AUG HBAR
Command Sergeant Major 3440,300Danger Close
2nd Lieutenant 1470,900Striker
2nd Lieutenant 2502,700Killstreak Unlock
2nd Lieutenant 3535,700WA2000
1st Lieutenant 1569,900SitRep
1st Lieutenant 2605,300M92 Raffical
1st Lieutenant 3641,900Final Stand
Captain 1679,700M16A4
Captain 2718,700Last Stand
Captain 3758,900Ranger
Major 1800,300C4
Major 2842,900Mini Uzi
Major 3886,700One Man Army
Lieutenant Colonel 1931,700M9
Lieutenant Colonel 2977,900Killstreak
Lieutenant Colonel 31,025,300ACR
Lieutenant Colonel 41,079,900None
Colonel 11,123,700Javelin
Colonel 21,175,000Killstreak
Colonel 31,227,800M240
Colonel 41,282,100None
Brigadier General 11,337,900M1014
Brigadier General 21,395,200None
Brigadier General 31,454,000Killstreak unlock, M21EBR
Brigadier General 41,514,300None
Major General 11,576,100TMP
Major General 21,639,400Killstreak
Major General 31,704,200F2000
Major General 41,770,500None
Lieutenant General 11,838,300Desert Eagle
Lieutenant General 21,907,600Killstreak
Lieutenant General 31,978,400Intimidation Challenges
Lieutenant General 42,050,700RPG-7
General 12,124,500Killstreak
General 22,199,800Model 1887
General 32,276,600Killstreak
General 42,354,900Killstreak

With so many different modes to play, gamers will have plenty to look forward to in the newest season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Making sure you have the best load-outs for your favorite guns before jumping into the battle is key, especially if you’re planning on mastering the best ammo types available in the game. It’s going to take more than an itchy trigger finger to blast up the leaderboards this time around.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 15th, 2023