All Ranks In Pizza Tower And How To Achieve Them

What Ranks can players achieve in this fast-and-furious platformer?

by Shaun Cichacki

As players make their way through the dreaded Pizza Tower, there’s a chance that they may have noticed the letter grade next to the succulent pizza pie in the left corner of their screen. Not only are they being graded on how many combos and points they can acquire, but they’ll also be graded at the end of each level.

Accompanied by an equally disjointed animation, players will find out how much of a Pizza Tower master they are after the end of each level. But, what do players need to do to ensure they’ll find themselves on the top of the food chain, rather than out back in the dumpster? And how many ranks are there in this madcap game?

All Ranks And How To Earn Them In Pizza Tower

As players jump, dash, and breakdance their way through each stage, they’ll be graded on every action they take, just like the speedy platformers of yesteryear. Not only will the superb OST keep players entranced, but the colorful cast of characters will make each run through these levels better than the last. Let’s find out, from worst to best, all of the ranks players can achieve in this cheesy adventure platformer.

A Not So Spicy Meatball – D Rank


D Rank is almost impossible to achieve unless players are more or less aiming for it. If players complete a level with almost no points, they’ll earn this particular rating and a proper scolding from Peppino Spaghetti. If you’re hoping to get a World Record D Rank on all stages, don’t collect any items, and leave the enemies alone.

A Mildly Spicy Meatball – C Rank


Players that are once again rushing through stages without eliminating enemies or collecting items may be lucky enough to earn a C Rank. Players that get over 2,000 points in a standard run or take about 8 hits from a Boss will be blessed with the C Ranking and a disappointed Peppino.

A Lukewarm Proper Meatball – B Rank


Hey, now things are starting to heat up a bit. Players that are easily achieving the B Rank are starting to be the best they can be, but there is still a little work to be done. Gamers hoping to constantly nail this rating will need to earn at least 4,000 Points in a run or take less than 6 hits from a Boss character. Even Peppino himself seems to be shocked that you’re doing OK.

A Mildly Spicy Meatball – A Rank


You’re almost ready to open your own Pizzaria at this point, especially if you can constantly hit the A Ranking. With a properly disjointed and mildly menacing smile, Peppino is grateful to those that can score at least 8,000 Points in a run or take less than 4 hits from a Boss Character. With these skills, just a few more tosses in the air, and you’ll be ready to achieve…

A Spicy Meatball – S Rank


You’re almost at the top, and you’re getting even better than ever expected. As players make their way through some of the most challenging levels in the game, the S Ranks should start to pour on it. Peppino throws his arms up in excitement, as players have started earning over 16,000 Points in a run, or taking less than 2 hits during a Boss battle. And this leads us to the hardest to achieve rank:

The Spiciest Meatball Around – P Rank


The coveted P Rank in Pizza Tower is something no gamer should scoff at. Not only is it nearly impossible to obtain for most players, but also comes with the most challenging stipulations around. Players will need to accomplish this in one of two different ways, either by taking no hits from a Boss character, or by clearing a stage without breaking your combo, finding every Toppin, finding every secret room, and collecting the Special Item in the stage. Sounds like a terrifying time, right?

Players that have the skills to get P Rank deserve to get themselves a new outfit or two for their troubles, so strap in for one of the most manic platforming experiences you’ll ever have the privilege of playing. It’s just a shame we can’t take a slice on the go just yet.

Pizza Tower is available now on PC.

- This article was updated on February 8th, 2023