All Sims 4 Career Cheats to Get Promoted at Work

If only these also work in real life.

by Michelle Cornelia
All Sims 4 Career Cheats to Get Promoted at Work
Image: EA

Are you fed up with being broke in The Sims 4? While there are many ways that can help you get rich quickly in The Sims 4, sometimes things can get overwhelming within your household. Whether your exhausted Sim is occupied with chores or just busy taking care of a newborn, it’s easy to get tempted to climb the corporate ladder without effort. Well, thanks to Sims 4 career cheats, you can. Take a look at these Sims 4 career cheats you need to get promoted at work!

How to Use Cheats in The Sims 4

The Sims 4 offers a variety of career choices for your Sims. From the medical field to the culinary arts, your Sim can find the perfect job to suit their interests. The best thing? You can rely on cheats if you want to get ahead in work quickly. However, before being able to activate cheats, you must first open the cheat window by following the steps below.

  • On Windows: hold CTRL + Shift + C
  • On Mac: hold Command (⌘) + Shift + C
  • On PS4: hold down all four triggers simultaneously
  • On Xbox: hold down all four triggers simultaneously

The Sims 4 Full-Time Job Career Cheats

The first cheat is the ‘careers.promote’ cheat. This cheat can be used to instantly promote your Sim in your chosen career. To use it, type in the cheat code of the career of your choosing on the cheat window you’ve opened. This works for both active (on-site) and inactive (rabbit hole) careers. Here’s a list of them.

  • Activist: careers.promote Activist
  • Actor: careers.promote Actor
  • Astronaut: careers.promote Astronaut
  • Athletic: careers.promote Athletic
  • Business: careers.promote Business
  • Civil Designer: careers.promote careers_Adult_CivilDesigner
  • Conservationist: careers.promote Conservationist
  • Criminal: careers.promote Criminal
  • Freelance Agency Maker: careers.promote careers_Adult_Freelancer_Agency_Maker
  • Critic: careers.promote careers_adult_Critic
  • Culinary: careers.promote Culinary
  • Detective: careers.promote Detective
  • Doctor: careers.promote Doctor
  • Education: careers.promote careers_Adult_Education
  • Engineer: careers.promote careers_Adult_Engineer
  • Entertainer: careers.promote Entertainer
  • Gardener: careers.promote Adult_Gardener
  • Law: careers.promote careers_Adult_Law
  • Military: careers.promote Military
  • Painter: careers.promote Painter
  • Scientist: careers.promote adult_active_Scientist
  • Secret Agent: careers.promote SecretAgent
  • Social Media careers.promote SocialMedia
  • Influencer: careers.promote Influencer
  • TechGuru: careers.promote TechGuru
  • Writer: careers.promote adult_Writer

If for some reason, you’d like to demote your Sim, you can replace promote with demote. Just remember to open up the cheat text box first, then type in the code based on your Sim’s career. When done correctly, your Sim will be demoted to their previous position in that career branch.

The Sims 4 Part-Time Job Career Cheats

Freelancers rejoice! Other than full-time jobs, your Sim can also cheat their way to success in their part-time jobs. You just need to enter these codes.

  • Babysitter: careers.promote PartTime_Babysitter
  • Barista: careers.promote PartTime_Barista
  • Diver: careers.promote PartTime_Diver
  • E-Sports: careers.promote career_Volunteer_E-Sports
  • Fast Food: careers.promote PartTime_FastFood
  • Fisherman: careers.promote PartTime_Fisherman
  • Lifeguard: careers.promote PartTime_Lifeguard
  • Manual: careers.promote PartTime_Manual
  • Retail: careers.promote PartTime_Retail
  • Soccer: careers.promote careers_Volunteer_SoccerTeam

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These are the cheats that can help your Sim get promoted and receive the recognition they deserve in The Sims 4. Just keep in mind that since some careers are tied to certain expansions, you’re only able to use the ones that are available in your game. Happy simming!

- This article was updated on March 6th, 2023