Baldur’s Gate 3 Ranger 1-12 Progression: All Skills, Abilities, and Level Up Rewards

Are you wondering what the Ranger progression path is like for Baldur's Gate 3?

by Gordon Bicker
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Baldur’s Gate 3 has a great range of classes to choose from and the Ranger is an excellent choice if you enjoy Dexterity and Strength. I personally tend to go for Ranger-style of classes in RPGs when I can, this title has been no different for that. This article will take you through all of the Ranger one to 12 level-up progression in Baldur’s Gate 3.

All Ranger Level Up Rewards in Baldur’s Gate 3

The most important level from the pathway is Level three since you will get to decide upon what Ranger Subclass you would like to specialize in. Nonetheless, most other levels still are highly worthwhile reaching as soon as possible to gain useful benefits.

  • Level 1 — Recieve a “Favoured Enemy” and a “Natural Explorer” class feature.
  • Level 2 — Choice of Fighting Style
  • Level 3 — Ranger Subclass
  • Level 4 — Feat
  • Level 5 — The Extra Attack class feature
  • Level 6 — Another Favoured Enemy and Natural Explorer class feature choice.
  • Level 7 — Nothing (General Rank up)
  • Level 8 — The Land’s Stride: Difficult Terrain class feature and a Feat.
  • Level 9 — Nothing (General Rank Up)
  • Level 10 — Another Favoured Enemy and Natural Explorer class feature choice. Along with this, you get the “Hide In Plain Sight” action.
  • Level 11 — Nothing (General Rank Up)
  • Level 12 — Feat

Level 1

Level one will let you choose two class features. You can opt for both a Natural Explorer class feature and a Favoured Enemy class feature. Beast Tamer from the Natural Explorer effects is one which I would highly recommend. This is because you will be able to cast the Find Familiar spell without usage of any spell slot.

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Level 2

At level two you will be able to make your decision on what Fighting Style you would most like for the Ranger class. The choices are Defence, Duelling, Archery or Two-Weapon Fighting. I personally will choose Archery for the fighting style because of the bonus to any ranged weapon attack you make.

Level 3

Time for Subclass choosing, level three will let you decide upon which you would like to start with. There are three Subclasses you can use similar to other classes like Fighter for example. However, you can always switch up a Subclass by going to Withers at the camp, so you aren’t stuck with your decision forever.

Gloom Stalker

The Gloom Stalker is brilliant for those who want to take the stealthy approach to gameplay. Dexterity is the focus for every Ranger subclass, but by taking the Gloom Stalker subclass you will get easy access to spells such as Disguise Self and Mistry Step. In particular, the Misty Step spell will let you teleport within a range of 18 meters to any space not used at that time — perfect for strategy forming.

LevelSubclass Feature AccessSpellActionClass Feature
3Superior Darkvision, Dread AmbusherDisguise SelfDread Ambusher (Hide), Umbral ShroudN/A
5N/AMisty StepN/AN/A
7N/AN/AN/AIron Mind
11Stalker’s FlurryN/AN/AN/A

Beast Master

As the Beast Master subclass name suggests, working with Beasts is where you will feel most at home with the usage of this subclass. There are a lot of great subclass features unlocked from levels five to seven for Ranger while using this. Ranger’s Companion will let you bring along a Bear, Raven, Giant Spider, Boar, or a Wolf with you.

LevelSubclass FeatureSpellActionClass Feature
3N/AN/ARanger’s CompanionN/A
5Companion’s BondN/AN/AN/A
7Exceptional TrainingN/AN/AN/A
11Bestial FuryN/AN/AN/A


The Hunter Subclass is great for inflicting more damage and having higher versatility at close-range or long-range. This is a go-to subclass for many players of the Ranger class and you may easily find yourself picking this too.

LevelSubclass FeatureSpellActionClass Feature
3Horde Breaker, Colossus Slayer, or Giant KillerN/AN/AN/A
7Steel Will, Escape the Horde, or Multiattack DefenseN/AN/AN/A
11N/AN/AWhirlwind Attack, VolleyN/A

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Level 4

For level four you will get any Feat that you would like. There are a vast number of feats for you to browse through, so pick whatever you think best fits the gameplay style you are most wanting.

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Level 5

At Level five, you won’t have to choose anything, instead you will automatically get access to the “Extra Attack” class feature. This will let you make a (believe it or not) extra attack after you make any weapon or unarmed attack on enemies.

Level 6

Choose from any Favoured Enemy and Natural Explorer class feature that you want to add to your character’s set.

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Level 8

Once again you have a feat to choose here. There is no specific one that you have to choose as always so go with what sounds the most enjoyable or that fits your style. There is also a Class Action that you unlock and that is the “Land’s Stride: Difficult Terrain” which quite simply means any difficult terrain won’t slow you down now.

Level 10

Similar to level one and six, you will get another choice of a Favoured Enemy and a Natural Explorer class feature. Again, this decision will come down to a personal preference. I am happy to tell you though that there is also an extra bonus for this level as you will get the Hide in Plain Sight action unlocked.

Level 12

For the final level of Ranger, you won’t get any extra special reward but instead will be able to choose yet another Feat. Nonetheless, this will allow you the chance to add a certain feat that you may have wanted before but had to prioritize another one for the particular playstyle you are aiming for.

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Now that you know all of the level-up rewards for Ranger from level one to 12 in Baldur’s Gate 3, you can hop back into the game and start working your way through all of them — have fun!

- This article was updated on August 18th, 2023

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