Become The Greatest Treasure Hunter In Dragon Quest Treasures With These Tips

What should players do first in Dragon Quest Treasures? Find out here!

by Shaun Cichacki

Players embarking on the adventure of a lifetime with Dragon Quest Treasures may be wondering what they should do to ensure that their treasure-hunting journey is successful. While the game can be quite relaxing to explore and search, there are a few moments that may leave gamers with sweaty palms.

As players explore the 5 realms available to them, they’ll learn that each zone has its special monsters that can be fought and recruited, alongside plenty of different items and treasures that players can discover. With the spirit of adventure lit aflame, let’s find out the best ways to score the biggest hauls of all in this charming title!

How To Start Your Adventure Right In Dragon Quest Treasures

Players that are embarking on their treasure-hunting journey may have a few questions, and we are here to help answer at least a few of them. As this is quite an open-ended adventure, be sure to consider all of the possibilities that the world has to offer you.

Go Wherever Calls You First

With 5 different islands to explore, players may be wondering if they should pick a particular spot first to start their journey. In the spirit of adventure, each of these zones can be explored freely without much care in the world. Thankfully, monsters that players will encounter along their journey will start on the easy side, and become more challenging the deeper they get.

No matter if players want to explore the dry deserts of Bonedry Dunes or the winter wonderland of Lake Swishmelt, the possibilities are endless. Players will be able to find treasure wherever they may roam, and the variety of landscapes on offer can give players a needed boost of invigoration when they’re feeling a bit worn out from their adventures.

Assemble Your Monster Squad

Utilizing the Fortes that each of the individual monsters brings to the table is important. While movement speed is quite nice in this title, players will quickly find that they aren’t able to move faster unless they have a creature with the Sprint Forte. This also goes for Gliding, Stealth, Digging, and Bouncing, as well.

Having the proper team of powerful friends will give the player an advantage in the battle against the ferocious foes that roam these lands. Utilizing their powers and their strengths in the areas that players are exploring will avoid the use of a Chimaera Wing unless they have plenty in their inventory.

There Is No Rush

While players may be looking to zoom through this game, it’s strongly recommended to slow your roll. Each of the islands of Draconia offers more than enough side-quests to keep players occupied for quite some time. The main story can wait for the player to gather up as much treasure as they would like to have and hold.

Taking the time to take in the view, and search for the rarest treasures around is key to enjoying this title. As players learn more about characters like the ST4TION-M4STERS and random characters they come across in their journey, the world begins to open up more than it ever has before. Players will be missing out on some of the best parts of this title if they rush through, so take the time to explore and find items, materials, and more.

Check Every Nook & Cranny

Players hoping to find as many resources and items as possible are going to need to heed the advice above, and also add this to their inventory. With the large and sprawling maps in each area, there are bound to be countless secrets hiding in the darkness.

Finding new items and materials is required to start recruiting more powerful allies to the team. Players hoping to make it through this adventure with their starting crew may be able to do so, but getting their hands on more powerful monsters will make the journey much more exciting. So, searching caves, tunnels, and other locations will often lead to rare materials that give players more incentive to return.

Rebuild Your Camp


As players finally obtain their first camp and can set out with either Erik or Mia on their adventure, they will start to receive missions to help rebuild their treasure camp. The pink knight, Miss Cecily, will give players missions to start adding new buildings to their camp to help keep morale higher than ever.

With options such as the cafeteria, players will be able to create or purchase food that gives them buffs while exploring. There are other options available as well, but for the sake of spoilers, players should begin searching out the required characters and items to make these buildings happen.

With the wild world of adventure open to all players that happen to own a Nintendo Switch, being able to find the perfect feel-good title is necessary to close out the year. With its overall relaxed pace and excellent sense of adventure, this treasure hunt may be exactly what they’re looking for.

Dragon Quest Treasures is available now on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on December 12th, 2022