Best Characters in All Star Tower Defense: ASTD Ranked Tier List

Hey, I know who this is?

by Amitesh Dhar

All Star Tower Defense is your regular run-of-the-mill tower defense game. However, what makes it interesting is the fact that you get to use your favorite anime characters.

Now. given that the title isn’t affiliated with any anime studios, the character names will be a little off. But you will easily be able to recognize the characters mentioned when you see their design.

Ranking the Characters in All Star Tower Defense

As with every tier list, the characters on this list will be segregated into tiers starting off at the S-Tier and ending at the D-Tier. The characters placed under the S-Tier are extremely powerful and can be used in any situation. The characters in the D-Tier come in handy in very specific situations and are rarely used in the game.

Speaking of the characters, there are two basic types of them in the game. Depending upon their placements, these characters are classified either into Ground units or Air units. Some characters are hybrids and can be placed in the air and on the ground as well.

That said, here are some of the best heroes in each tier in All Star Tower Defense:

S-TierMetal Freezer, Pirate King, Koro F III, Akasa, Vegu (Blue Evolved)
A-TierKosuke (Samurai), Godus, Freezer (Full), Super God Koku, Zaruto
B-TierDeath, Kura, Planter, Ring, Masked Monster
C-TierJizu, Gankai, Alexis, Abarai, Erito
D-TierDemon Lord, Oob, Ghost Girl, Box, Calloway Storm

That concludes the list of characters for this tier list. Now, there are other characters in the game as well, some of which are equally powerful when compared to the ones on the list. However, these are the ones which are the best in their own tiers, especially when it comes to functionality.

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Roblox is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Mobile Devices, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 3rd, 2023

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