Best Early Upgrades in Ship of Fools

What should I upgrade first in Ship of Fools?

by Noah Nelson

Since Ship of Fools is a roguelite, one of the key features is using Tendrils to upgrade your ship, upgrade your cannons, and unlock new trinkets and ammo. Since there are a lot of different options placed before you, here are the best early upgrades to use your Tendrils on in Ship of Fools.

Ship of Fools Best Early Upgrades

While every upgrade is good and you should inevitably buy them all, there are a few key first upgrades that will make your runs in Ship of Fools longer and more productive. The best early upgrade to get in Ship of Fools is the Soup on a Pedestal.

At the top-right section of The Great Lighthouse island, you can spend your Tendrils on four different kinds of soups. While they are all good, the one you should focus on is the pedestal soup. Your ship is equipped with three pedestals at the beginning of the game, and pedestals are used to house your ammo, your artifacts, and any extra planks you find. For that reason, the more pedestals you have, the better.

You’ll need five Tendrils to get a fourth pedestal and 10 Tendrils to get the fifth and final pedestal. After prioritizing that, you’ll want to prioritize the plank soup. Every time you purchase one of these upgrades, your ship will get an extra health. This is necessary if you want to defeat Eye, of the Storm.

Lastly, after you have prioritized the pedestals and your ship’s health, you should upgrade your favorite cannon. Because there are better cannons than others, I recommedn unlocking them all first by defeating the bosses. Once you’ve got the best cannon in the game, spend your Tendrils to upgrade it.

And those are the best first upgrades to get in Ship of Fools. As you rescue lost villagers and earn more Tendrils, you’ll have the opportunity to buy more upgrades. After purchasing all of the soups, you should start to focus on acquiring the best ammo and the best trinkets.

Ship of Fools is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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